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Cause of Fitchburg house explosion still unknown

Fires and Explosions

A Fitchburg home explosion that happened last month is still under close investigation.

The scattered remains of the home have since been cleaned up, but homeowners in the area are still coming to terms with what happened and cleaning up their own damaged homes. Mary Katic is one such resident, whose home was right next to the explosion—luckily, she and her family were not home at the time.

“They are in the emergency phase, then they go into the cleanup phase and then they go into the house to tear things apart and then you have to put it back together,” Katic told reporters. She has been forced to remove all of her belongings from her home of 26 years as the restoration process begins.

“There aren’t that many explosions so you don’t have that much experience with them, and they are often all different. It’s just determining where the damage starts and where the damage stops to make sure that everything that was affected by the explosion is addressed,” said Jim Hirsh, president of Paul Davis restoration.

Of 22 affected homes, two have already been declared not worth fixing. Damage to the 20 others has not yet been fully evaluated.

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