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Man hit on the highway after running after his stolen car

Car Accidents

A Mequon man was chasing after his stolen car when he was hit by a fast moving vehicle on STH 83. To report the stolen vehicle, the 36-year-old called the Washington County Sheriff’s Office and described the event.

He had been getting gas for his white 2005 Mercedes C24, a four-door with Louisiana plates, when he went inside to pay. The suspect left the station as he entered, took the car, and drove it south onto Highway 83.

The man ran after his car and onto the middle of the highway where he was hit by another vehicle. He rolled over the hood and windshield and fell off the passenger’s side of the car, breaking off the mirror. He survived with only scrapes on his legs and arms and refused emergency help.

There are two suspects connected to stealing the car, both described as black men. Another car, a blue Sorrento Kia with a temporary plate in the back window, is connected to the crime as well.

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