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Three fires over the same night damage two vacant homes

Fires and Explosions

Due to insufficient cooling of a fire in an empty house on N 23rd Street and W Hadley Street, Milwaukee firefighters were called twice at two separate times of the night to the same building.

At nearly 1:00 a.m. on Monday, September 19, firefighters responded to a large house fire. The building was found to be completely empty after the blaze settled. However, nearly five hours later, some uncooled embers relit in the attached garage and the firefighters were called a second time. There is no known cause of the fire at this point, but the damage totaled $260,000 after both fires were extinguished.

Earlier that same night, at around 10 in the evening of Sunday, September 18, patrolling Milwaukee police officers saw smoke in another N 23rd and W Hadley Streets home. Firefighters arrived and extinguished the few smaller fires they found in the empty home. The cause of this fire is also still being investigated and the damage totaled $18,000.

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