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Two Separate Car Accidents Injured Two Pedestrians

Posted on October 2, 2016 10:52 am under Pedestrian Accident

An accident involving a Milwaukee pedestrian on Tuesday, September 22, has left the woman in a critical state after she was struck by two cars.

The accident happened near N 58th Street and W Villard Avenue around 6:40 p.m. when the woman attempted to cross the road. She was hit by the first vehicle in the lane she stepped into, where she was thrown into the other lane and hit by a car traveling in the opposite direction.

Both drivers remained on the scene while the Milwaukee Fire Department gave her initial treatment before sending her to a local hospital.

Just around 20 minutes later, a second accident occurred. This one was near S 60th Street and W Holt Avenue and occurred when another Milwaukee woman attempted to cross the street. She was hit by a vehicle, whose driver remained at the scene, and was treated by the Milwaukee Police Department, who sent her to a hospital in serious condition.

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