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Audit of Veterans Home at King underway due to mistreatment

Nursing Home Abuse

An audit of the Wisconsin Veteran’s Home at King has been approved following a September 21 decision made by state lawmakers. John Scocos, the secretary of Wisconsin’s Department of Veteran Affairs isn’t shaken by news of the audit, claiming that there is no malpractice to be found in the home.

“If there’s things that need to be tuned up, we’ll tune them up,” he said in response to the news, “Our investigators were out there from DHS and our star ratings are five and four. None of the concerns have been substantiated as of (Tuesday).”

In direct opposition of this, a separate account from Senator Luther Olsen said there were people too frightened to initially come forward about the abuses.

“Frankly, I am appalled that there is an environment at King where people fear retribution for simply being concerned about a member under their care or a loved one,” Olsen said.

Furthermore, the home has a money surplus that stands out as unusual, despite complaints that money wasn’t properly allocated.

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