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Fire pit explosion caused multiple burn injuries

Posted on October 4, 2016 3:21 pm under Fires and Explosions

Three people fell victim to severe burns following a fire pit explosion on Saturday morning, September 24. Emergency crews were notified only when two of the victims went to a McDonalds and someone in the restaurant notified police.

The Germantown Fire Department found the two female burn victims, both with severe burns that covered just under half of their bodies. One of the victims was also having respiratory problems and was taken to the hospital via Flight for Life. The second, who didn’t have the same respiratory problems, was taken by an ambulance to the same hospital.

Upon finding out that the burns were caused by an explosion from throwing gasoline onto an open fire in another location, separate fire department units were sent to a home along Kings Way, where a third victim was found. His burns were minor enough that his wife was able to take him to the same hospital as the other two victims.

There was a bit of damage to the outside of the home but it was otherwise safe. The investigation is ongoing.

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