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Naloxone: available over-the-counter at Roundy’s pharmacies

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Starting Monday, October 3, the antidote Naloxone will be available over-the-counter in the drug stores of parent-company-Roundy’s supermarkets in Wisconsin.

The announcement comes in direct response to a law passed last year that expanded Naloxone access. All 70 of the supermarket chains’ pharmacies in the state will be included in the change, including those under the names of the Pick ‘n Save, Copps, and Metro Market. All participating pharmacies have completed any required courses in order to hand out the drug to buyers.

The pharmacists have been instructed to distribute the kits as needed, no appointment needed. Every kit includes a nasal spray with two doses and information regarding the antidote’s use. The only requirement of customers is that they receive training and undergo screening.

“The ultimate goal is recovery,” Vice President George Kowalski said, “Our hope is that a family member or loved one can be equipped with this lifesaving antidote to avoid overdoses.”