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Clowns allegedly scared local school children with gun and knife

Posted on October 10, 2016 3:51 pm under Premises Liability

Three people dressed like clowns and apparently wielding a knife and a gun frightened children at the Greenwood Elementary School located in Waukegan on Wednesday afternoon, September 28.

The three suspects stood at the property’s border during the childrens’ recess, who told their teachers that one had a briefcase and the other two brandished weapons, one being a knife and the other a gun. Police have said that the use of weapons is unconfirmed.

Following the incident, the school was placed on a lockdown while officers checked the parameter. The children mentioned as well that the three claimed they would return at the end of the week to “kill them”. There have been no defining features of the three that have been revealed so far, but the Waukegan Police have decided to increase patrols for a while.

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