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Samsung Galaxy Note 7 replacement burst into flames while on plane

Posted on October 12, 2016 2:10 pm under Product Liability

A replaced Samsung Note 7 phone caught fire on board a Southwest Airlines flight Wednesday, October 5, prompting the flight to be canceled.

The Note 7, which was in possession of Brian Green, made an audible “pop” when he went to power the device down and put it in his pocket while waiting for the flight to Baltimore to depart from the Louisville International Airport. Green noticed quickly that smoke had surrounded him and he threw the phone away from his person out of fear that it would explode. 

The first two rows also became covered in smoke and the flight was evacuated. The incident would later be investigated by the Federal Consumer Product Safety Commission. Samsung released a statement claiming they could not confirm that the incident involved a new Note 7 until the device is in their possession. 

This isn’t the first report of the new replacement catching fire, however, as a China resident claimed his phone caught fire while charging and several others in South Korea find their batteries draining very fast and overheating.

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