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Manitowoc hospital and doctor accused of malpractice

Medical Malpractice

A hospital facility and one of its doctors in Manitowoc, Wisconsin are facing a class action lawsuit due to allegations that they over-prescribed strong painkillers to patients. Authorities linked the painkillers to several deaths, a report of WBAY stated on October 10.

The lawsuit identified Doctor Charles Szyman, Holy Family Memorial, Inc., and 12 other parties as defendants who were involved in the wrongful prescription of narcotics to patients. At least four of the nine plaintiffs lost their relatives as a result of the negligence. Dr. Szyman was linked to the deaths of Monica Debot, Alan Eggert, Heidi Buretta, and Mark Gagnon after they were prescribed a combination of strong painkillers. The claim alleged the patients got hooked on narcotics because the doctor prescribed them excessive amounts of the medication. Although there were 19 counts of drug charges filed against Szyman last November, he denied all the allegations against him. The plaintiffs are looking forward to recovering their loss by pursuing compensations from negligent parties.

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