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St. Jude Alert Advisory: battery glitch in some heart devices

Posted on October 21, 2016 1:16 pm under Defective medical products

Medical equipment manufacturer St. Jude Medical issued an advisory alert on October 11 that said there was a defect in a small number of their life-saving heart devices.

Two deaths have been directly linked to the failing battery so far, while 10 others experienced fainting spells. For the people who use the device, a failure to work properly can result in cardiac arrest, heart failure, and death.

The defect, caused by the deposit of byproduct from the lithium battery, causes the power to go out much sooner than expected. The device lets off a physical warning in the form of vibrations when there are about three months of battery life left, but with the defect, some batteries have the chance of dying within the same day of the alert.

St. Jude urges their customers, the affected number of which ranges in the 350,000s, to replace their batteries within the same day of the warning to ensure they do not fall victim to the problem. One analyst, Raj Denhoy, has estimated that at most 2000 devices will actually exhibit the problem, but every manufacturer that works with the implantable device has mentioned some issue of defect.

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