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Beloit blaze injured a mother and her two children

Fires and Explosions

A building fire in Beloit resulted in a mother and her two children inhaling thick smoke early Friday morning, October 21 and being taken to the hospital.

Police officers found an intense fire with a large amount of smoke at the back side of the building, along 622 East Grand Avenue. Smoke alarms were able to alert occupants and everyone was able to evacuate quickly. The fire was localized to one apartment that took the brunt of all the damage as the Beloit Fire Department was able to extinguish the flame without it spreading. Because the initial look at the fire made it seem like a bigger problem, the Beloit crew used a Box Alarm.

The mom and two toddlers who had inhaled a significant amount of smoke were taken to Beloit Memorial Hospital for precautionary treatment. The Beloit Fire Department cautioned everyone about the responsible and safe use of candles, though the cause of the fire is under investigation.

FPS Rental, Inc. owns the building and estimated that the total fire damage amounted to $35,000.

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