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Pickup hit a car parked at gas station, OWI suspected

Drunk Driving Accident

A car parked at a gas station was scraped up by a pickup driven by a drunken Middleton man.

The truck’s operator was Nicholas S. Johnson, 38, who struck the other car outside the PDQ at 4402 East Buckeye Road early Sunday, October 23. A woman from Stoughton was sitting on the driver’s side of the vehicle at the time and was uninjured. The car was left without a rear-view mirror following the incident and was cosmetically affected in other ways.

A second witness had been following the pickup truck out of concern that the operator was intoxicated and was almost hit as Johnson sped out of the lot where the accident took place.

In conjunction with his OWI charges, Johnson was suspected of parole violation and arrested for provisory drug charges.

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