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Woman involved in hit and run, detained for 9th OWI offense

Posted on November 1, 2016 4:47 pm under Drunk Driving Accident

An OWI repeat offender was arrested for the ninth time in relation to her OWI charges after she was involved in a hit and run.

The Janesville woman, Karyn Rew, was suspected of her ninth offense operating while intoxicated charge. The Janesville police responded to the incident at around 9:25 p.m. on the night of the hit-and-run, October 24. The incident occurred near Lauren Avenue and North Walnut Street.

Rew, according to witnesses, had been traveling east on Laurent Avenue and hit a stationary vehicle. She left the scene on foot and traveled home, which was in the area of the accident. She refused a field sobriety test when police arrived at her home but the authorities went through legal avenues to obtain a search warrant and take a blood sample.

After failing the test, Rew was detained at Rock County jail on charges of a hit and run, driving without insurance, and ninth-offense operating while intoxicated.

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