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Tonka toy trucks recalled after vehicle fire incident

Posted on November 30, 2016 10:43 am under Defective Child Care Products

A well-known toy retailer in the U.S. is recalling a certain model of Tonka toy trucks following an incident in Washington state where a Tonka truck had been suspected to be liable for a vehicle fire, a report of News Channel 8 reported on November 21.

Reports revealed that Toys “R” Us is recalling a dump truck toy made by Tonka due to a November 18 incident where one of the toys caught fire in the back of a vehicle. A couple reportedly bought one of the Tonka truck at a Toys “R” Us store as a Christmas gift for their grandson. The toy that was placed at the back of the vehicle “burst into flames” while they were driving home. The toy company immediately ordered the removal of other similar toys from store shelves even though they considered the incident as “isolated.” Toys “R” Us gave back the couple’s money and had issued an apology for what had happened. The incident is already being investigated to figure out the cause of the fire.

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