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Veterans Assistance Foundation resident jumps from window

Nursing Home Abuse

Non-profit organization Veterans Assistance Foundation (VAF) is working to improve the facility’s physical safety following an incident last week.

According to reports, a resident of the shelter reportedly jumped from a third floor window. The veteran was rushed to a hospital and was said to be alive. His current condition is yet to be released.

The shelter is leasing a space at the Tomah Veterans Affairs Medical Center and has reported two related incidents this year. The shelter failed an inspection earlier in the year and was given 30 days to correct its errors. This latest incident has prompted the Veterans Association to terminate its leasing agreement with the organization.

A VA official says that the shelter needs to work on its program and added that they should pay attention to the factors that caused their resident to perform this action. Currently, the facility is housing 30 homeless veterans, which is expected to increase as the temperature goes colder. The VAF is working directly with the department of Veterans Affairs to address these issues and make sure these homeless veterans receive the care they need.