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Pfister Hotel guests evacuated following fire reports

Posted on December 15, 2016 11:37 am under Fires and Explosions

A small fire broke out in a hotel building in downtown Milwaukee Wednesday morning, reports say.

Milwaukee firefighters were dispatched to the 424 block of East Wisconsin Avenue after receiving a report of fire at approximately 11:48 a.m. According to the report, the fire affected the 23rd floor of Pfister Hotel. The incident prompted the hotel management to evacuate its guests and staff for safety.

According to preliminary investigation, the fire started from the roof and floor insulation and was contained by the Milwaukee Fire Department by around 12:20 p.m, when the fire department was still in the process of securing the areas affected by the fire.

How the fire took place remains unclear but it was determined that no one was injured.

Investigators were called onto the scene to determine liability.

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