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Woman sexually assaulted and tasered

Sexual Assault

Authorities are still investigating a sexual assault case filed by a woman against a 54-year-old Mosinee man regarding an incident that occurred on December 28.

According to court documents, the alleged victim came to visit the suspect’s granddaughter when the suspect asked her to help him with a remodeling project down in the basement. The suspect then attacked the woman using a homemade taser and tied her knees, ankles, and wrists with duct tape. The alleged victim also told the investigators that she was forced to perform sexual acts by the suspect and placed inside a wooden box. She reportedly broke the duct tape and twine around her wrists and knees and used a hammer to open the basement door.

Initial investigation shows that the woman’s injuries matched with the injury caused by a homemade taser. The box where the woman said she was locked was also recovered by the police.

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