Tim and his team were great from beginning to the end. Our case was over 2 years in length and not once did we feel that we weren’t their only case. They always took the time to answer our questions and meet with us when needed. Tim was honest throughout the process and we don’t feel that anyone could have or would have treated us better.

-Adam, Milwaukee, WI

I was in a car accident last year and hired Habush law firm. I worked with David for about a year. Being from India, I did not know the process here very well. He walked me through every step, was very patient and understanding. David is very through, detailed and promptly replied to all emails. He made it easy to work on the case and only contacted me when I needed to know something.

-Akanksha, Madison, WI 

Both my husband and I worked with Doug on our cases and we found working with him to be very comfortable. Doug and his paralegal, Audrey, were always in communication with us. One or the other was letting us know at all times what was going on with our cases. How Doug handled my accident case made me feel very comfortable, and he always made sure to get back to me, even if it was on his own time. There was one point where we thought we would have to go to court, and Doug sat down with me and explained step-by-step what would happen. We really appreciated it and we would definitely recommend Doug.

– Amanda, Waukesha, WI

They did a wonderful job. Excellent and prompt communication from start to finish. My attorney, Breanne Snapp, had a clear plan that she executed perfectly. Better than expected outcome. Can not argue with that result. I highly recommend their services and will certainly use them for any future legal needs.

– Andrew, Madison, WI

Benjamin was a truly passionate attorney that connects with his clients beyond the case. He is a really family-oriented legal counsel that will fight for you until the case is won.

-Anonymous, Milwaukee, WI

Mr. Fehring was extremely professional during the process and kept me well informed the entire time. His experience made me feel very comfortable and it is clear Mr. Fehring is an exceptional attorney.

– Anonymous, Milwaukee, WI

I cannot think of anything negative to say about Benjamin Wagner. We worked together for years over the course of my case and he was responsive, informative, helpful, and compassionate; he earned my trust and confidence right away. He understood that there were many facets to my case (physical, psychological, financial) and was aware and empathetic in regards to all of them. He was clear on timelines and expectations and walked me through each step of the process so that I could understand exactly what I was responsible for and what I was doing. I have no legal knowledge and I found it very interesting to observe his work; I gained a greater understanding of the ins and outs of my case throughout the process. Settling my case through Benjamin Wagner allowed me to work towards healing and closure from emotional and financial perspectives and ultimately, we produced the best possible result I could have imagined. In working with me as a client, Benjamin was smart, professional, and compassionate and on my behalf, Benjamin was tough, knowledgeable, and ambitious. I would absolutely recommend Benjamin Wagner to anyone I know in need of his expertise; I had an excellent experience working with him.

– Anonymous, Milwaukee, WI

Christine handled a personal injury case for me. She produced unexpected results through her precision and diligence, and lifted my spirits each time I met with her, which was important, as my injury was facial. She is a gem for our fair little city, and I am thankful I found her. Highly recommend!

– Anonymous, Sheboygan, WI

Molly was extremely helpful and knowledgeable. She kept me up to date on all proceedings and helped me understand the entire process. She was thorough in her questioning of me to validate my claim prior to spending time pursuing my case. She handled the defense appropriately and was clear in her direction to me.

– Anonymous, Waukesha, WI

Ralph and his firm recently handled a personal injury claim for me. He was very informative and educated me about the process the entire way! Ralph is a soft spoken guy but don’t let that fool you, he will fight for you like a pitbull on steroids, with integrity every step of the way!!!! I can’t say enough about the result he was able to get for my family, more than we ever expected or dreamt of. If you need an attorney hire Ralph, he is a family guy with integrity like no other and he gets results!!!!!

– Anonymous, Green Bay, WI

I am an Ohio attorney who worked with Tim on a Wisconsin case involving serious client injuries. From the outset and throughout the case, Tim demonstrated himself as one of the best, hardest working, and most responsive attorneys I have worked with. He is a high-end attorney capable of getting fantastic results on difficult and important cases. I give him my highest recommendation for anyone considering a lawyer to handle a serious injury case.

– Anonymous from Lawyers.com

Theresa represented me for a injury from a car accident. I was hesitant to make an injury claim as I had heard that the process could be difficult and my injury was tolerable on most days. I ended up calling Habush Habush and Rottier after seeing an ad on a particularly painful day. She was clear in her explanation of the process, honest and realistic in what I should expect, kept me informed and was patient and kind. I would send my closest family to her, but hope I won’t need to.

– Anonymous from Avvo

Couldn’t have been in better hands. They took care of everything and didn’t even have to feel stressed about any of it. All I had to do was recover and focus on myself and my baby since I was in a really bad accident while pregnant. I got the settlement I deserved, and they fought hard for me. I couldn’t be more happier with their help and how thoughtful everyone was. Enjoyed getting a Christmas card that was super personal and thoughtful! Highly recommend taking your case here!

– Arlene, Kenosha, WI

Christine – Our family couldn’t let this season of “thanks” go by without thanking you for the caring representation you extended on our behalf. You made such a traumatic experience bearable and were always there. We continue to grieve Toby but did rescue a new furry family member, Nick. Thanks again… for everything! 

– B. Family, Sheboygan, WI

Peter represented my daughter in a car accident case. He was very caring, understanding, and informed. He never kept me in the dark in terms of the case and where it was at. Peter worked well with my daughter and me. He was honest and pleasant to work with. I would definitely recommend Peter to anyone.

– Betsy, Wausau, WI

I highly recommend the team at Habush, Habush and Rottier  — and especially Chris Duesing at their Lake Geneva office. Chris did a great job representing me in settling a complicated personal injury case that involved two insurance companies, Medicare and other parties. The case was handled in a professional manner, and the staff never came across as high pressure ambulance chasers. They also did a great job communicating with me by phone and email so I always knew where my case stood.

– Bill, Lake Geneva, WI

I was involved in a major car accident in which I suffered a TBI (traumatic brain injury) and other significant injuries. I was referred to Habush Habush & Rottier by a family member and couldn’t be happier with the outcome. Joe and his staff treated me like framily from day one and were more than willing to help and assist with anything. If you or a loved one gets injured and needs an attorney on their side, Joe is the man for the job. Him and his staff will go about and beyond to make sure every medical bill is paid, and you get the compensation you deserve. 

– Brandon, Appleton, WI

I would highly recommend Rob Jaskulski as a Lawyer for he did an amazing job on my case. He was very detail oriented, listened to my concerns and he kept me updated on the process from the beginning to the end. Moreover, Andrea and Kristin were a great help to me as well for they answered all questions through this process that I needed answered anytime. Rob is an brilliant Lawyer who will make sure that all your case needs are met and he has a great team that aids you on your journey.

-Brittany, Milwaukee WI

Edward Vopal was extremely reputable in everything he did when he represented me after my car accidents. He took the time to build trust and make sure I was also in the loop and knew what was going on and what the next steps would be. Overall, Edward always had my best interests in mind as he negotiated my settlements. He also made sure to present me with all the pros and cons, making sure I didn’t have any concerns. The staff at Habush Habush & Rottier are very professional and customer focused. Edward gives attorneys a great name! I would absolutely recommend him to anyone in need of competent, skilled and caring representation.

– Carl, Green Bay, WI

My husband and I were up against the impossible, but we fortified ourselves with faith and hope. Challenging the “powerful” was intimidating, and the possibility of going through litigation was terrifying. Dan RottierJim FergalSusan Tyndall, and Kathleen Sullivan were there for us throughout the entire process. It’s hard to convey the confusion and anger I felt over my life suddenly changed; quite a horrid awareness losing one’s freedom and control. As both my champion and guardian, I saw the strain of our financial responsibilities weighing heavy on my husband. All the medical visits, prosthetists, therapists, and medications seemed endless. So this train-of-thought kept running through my mind: I go to emergency medical treatment for help, awaken from a coma, discover I must lose all four limbs, because; oops, sorry! Now don’t do that again you well-intentioned doctor. Welcome to your new life patient, make the best it. Well, heck no to that!

To Dan, Jim, Susan, Kathy, and every associate and staff member that worked on our case we will always be grateful for your hard work and dedication. Thank you for being the best at what you do, fighting for us. Please know, that because of your commitment we can breathe. You all helped me (us) restore control of our life.

– Carrie, Madison, WI

After a MVA in 2016, resulting in injury, I decided to seek legal counsel after being left with chronic pain. Having never sought legal representation for this sort of thing, I was a bit anxious about what to expect. David (and his assistant Kathy) was very patient with me, and explained everything every step of the way. I felt pretty relaxed with the whole process, when it could have been overall very nerve wracking. I never felt rushed with our conversations, and felt reassured along the way that I did have a case that could be settled in my favor. Most of all, I felt like I was treated like a human being, not a paycheck. Thank you, I appreciate all of your hard work for me!

-Christine, Madison, WI

I hired Jesse about one-to-three years ago for a car accident case. I thought I might be able to handle it myself, but realized with my schedule I just couldn’t do it all. That is when I hired Jesse at Habush Habush & Rottier S.C. Jesse was a trustworthy and knowledgeable lawyer. He made sure to talk through all of the pros and cons when it came to my case. I would use Jesse again and recommend him to anyone in need of a personal injury lawyer.

– Connie

Since I grew up a block away from Steve, I decided to work with him over three years ago on my personal injury case involving a bicycle accident. I had an exceptional experience with Steve and his team. He was more than I ever could expect in a lawyer. Steve always let me know what was going on and was upfront about all the details of my case. He was extremely dependable and well-versed is what would occur. I would recommend Steve to anyone who might be in need of a personal injury lawyer. 

– Craig, Racine, WI

I meet with Tim Trecek shortly after I was injured in a car accident and immediately hired him. Tim and his staff most notably Cindy keep me in the loop from start to finish. Though there were some trying times with info from doctors and insurance companies they tirelessly pushed through the red tape to get the job done. I’m thankful for the settlement that was reached. If I needed legal help in the future I definitely would hire Tim again.

-Dale, Milwaukee, WI

Eric was an excellent lawyer. There wasn’t much money in my case, but that didn’t stop Eric from fighting for me. He was very knowledgeable and was always prepared for anything the opposing side threw at us. I was very pleased and happy with the outcome. I would recommend Eric 100 times over. I had such a great experience and I cannot thank him enough for doing a great job with my case.

– Dale, Madison, WI

Attorney Christine Esser and her staff are absolutely fantastic – knowledgeable as well as compassionate. This was my first ever experience having to retain a law firm. Ms. Esser was very approachable and removed any intimation or confusion I may have had during the legal process – I greatly appreciated that as I was already dealing with a traumatic event. I highly recommend Habush, Habush, & Rottier S.C especially Attorney Christine Esser.

– Dana, Sheboygan, WI

My family and I were very impressed with Tim Trecek’s service. He was very committed to my case and always put forth a positive, professional attitude. He was always prepared and could answer any question without hesitation; he was extremely confident and that put our minds at ease during this difficult time. He knew my case inside and out and it was obvious that he worked diligently to get all the facts out in the trial. Assisted by an excellent paralegal during the trial, they retrieved information quickly and never once stumbled. We were especially impressed with the power of his presentation and delivery of his questions to witnesses and also his respect for the judge and jury and our family. I would not hesitate to recommend Tim to anyone, especially if their case is as difficult as mine was with extremely technical details and mechanical references.

– Darcy, Milwaukee, WI

It took years to undo the damage that had been done to my wife and I. This process was hard. Doctor’s, healing, dealing with the trauma and all the raw emotions throughout. The last thing we needed was the burden of a lawsuit hanging around our necks while we recovered. I am happy to say that this was not the case. From the MOMENT we came in and spoke with Robert L. Jaskulski he started making things easy. The support from the staff at Habush, Habush & Rottier SC was nothing short of amazing. No lawsuit is ever a sure thing, but I will tell you that I have rarely seen someone so prepared and thorough when our time for settlement came. Professional, knowledgeable, and a master-class negotiator we would not hesitate to contact Robert in a second if we needed him and I cannot recommend him and his staff enough.

– Diana & Seth, Milwaukee, WI

Craig did an excellent job helping us navigate through the legal aspects of our lawsuit against a company that had malfunctioning equipment. His professionalism really was a great asset to have when dealing with other attorneys representing the companies we pursued in my lawsuit. His knowledge and experience in this area was exceptional. I would definitely recommend Craig for anyone seeking an experienced attorney who has a genuine concern when representing them.

– Duane, Appleton, WI

We were fortunate enough to go to Habush Habush & Rottier when we decided to file a case. The case was very complex and had many obstacles to overcome. There was a bankruptcy and liability insurance to deal with, as well as getting the court to say the insurance company was liable for the injury. The case took several years to resolve, but Chris never gave up and we reached a good settlement. We got to know Chris as a person and consider him and Barb as friends. I would highly recommend that anyone in need of legal help go to Habush, Habush & Rottier. They make you feel that you matter. 

– Ellen, Madison, WI

Great Attorney: Jacob was referred to us by another attorney that did not handle auto accidents. He was great in explaining what he could do and that is what he did. I was happy to see the settlement out of court. I have recommended him to another family I know that had an auto accident and will continue to refer him.

– Erin, Appleton, WI

I can’t say enough positives about how David handled my case. He was easily reachable at all times, he answered all my questions and explained things in an easy way to understand also. He fought for what we both agreed was fair. He’s very knowledgeable about accident cases and guided me very effectively throughout the entire process from beginning to end. I would recommend and refer anyone who needs representation to David, 100%. Thanks.

-Jeff, Madison, WI

My case posed some difficulties but Chris was able to obtain a settlement that more than compensated me for out-of-pocket expenses resulting from my 13-week hospitalization.

– Jeff, Madison, WI

Hiring Tim Trecek at Habush Habush & Rottier was the best thing we could have done. He went out of his way to win a case that, due to his knowledge and experience, no other attorney could have won. His patience and professionalism are next to none. We appreciate everything Tim did for my husband and our family. We highly recommend Tim and his team to anyone needing legal assistance! Thank you Tim!

– Jessica, Milwaukee, WI

Hiring Tim Trecek at HH&R was the best thing we could have done. He went out of his way to win a case that, due to his knowledge and experience, no other attorney could have won. His patience and professionalism are next to none. We appreciate everything Tim did for my husband and our family. We highly recommend Tim and his team to anyone needing legal assistance!

– Jessica, Avvo. West Bend, WI

I was initially hesitant to move forward with a hired attorney for and unfortunate bicycle accident. From the initial meeting until our final settlement Ed and his entire team did a phenomenal job every step along the way. Ed has a great gift of being able to deliver complicated laws and processes in the most detailed or simplistic manner you choose. He was never “pushy” towards us choosing a particular route; he got us the facts we needed to make a very educated decision that ultimately I feel was a swift and acceptable result. Another quality Ed has is to make sure your significant other is also comfortable throughout the process. This was very important to me because these are critical decision making moments in a couples life and he always made a point to ask if my wife was happy with the communication, results, and service. I would HIGHLY recommend Ed as an attorney for anyone interested in having honest and steadfast communication and service. JOB WELL DONE!!

-Anonymous, Green Bay, WI

Thank you David Blinka so much for steering, and guiding me through the choppy waters during the last three years. You are a very special person and lawyer. Your knowledge of the law is very apparent. But, as important is your obvious honesty, and your kind, patient manor in working with a client. 

– Judy, Madison, WI

Habush Habush and Rottier has been wonderful. My attorney Ed Vopal was everything and more that I could have asked for. Very understanding, very involved in my case and always remained professional. Ed’s secretary Julie was always there to help me. Extremely easy to talk to. Always took the extra time to explain things. Great experience. 

JW – Green Bay, WI


Andrew and his paralegal were incredibly understanding, compassionate, helpful, and knowledgeable about what I should do when I called them with my accident situation. I was extremely impressed at how they persisted with difficult insurance adjusters and most importantly gave expert opinions but let you decide what is best for you. I tell everyone I know that needs a lawyer that Andrew and Habush are the only people I would go to for legal representation. He even helped me with referrals for other legal matters…

– Kathy, Kenosha, WI

I would highly recommend Jason Knutson for a personal injury attorney. Jason is intelligent, organized, trustworthy and compassionate. He believes in what he does and it shows.

He worked diligently for over 4 years on our son’s case. He kept us informed and gave us good advice throughout the case, but never pressured us. He always allowed us to make the final decision.

During our trial, I was impressed with how Jason handled himself in court. He was very professional and “quick witted” under some pretty stressful situations. He believed in us and fought diligently for our family, especially my son. We were very pleased with the final results.

Jason will always have a very special spot with our family. I finally have peace again knowing that justice has been served and that my son is fine now. If a personal injury attorney is needed, I can’t think of anyone else I would want defending me or my family.

– Kim, Madison, WI

I highly endorse Habush Habush and Rottier  S.C. for recovery of damages involving a powerful adversary like Johnson and Johnson. Their management of legal complexities and persistence through multiple delaying maneuvers resulted in a satisfactory settlement for me and my insurer. 

 -L, Wisconsin


Chris & Paula: Thank you! Thank you! We are so grateful for all the work you put in on our case, and for your perserverance, patience and communication with us. We will definitely recommend your law firm to others! 

– M & D, Madison, WI

Everything went as planned, and I received the fair settlement I was due thanks to the perseverance of the firm. The staff was a delight to work with.

– Mary, Waukesha, WI

Pete Young did a great job after my car accident. I was hit head on through no fault of my own. Following the accident I was unsure of what steps to take or what my rights were. I contacted Pete and he helped me every step of the way dealing with insurance companies, medical bills, and everything else that came up. He did an amazing job explaining things and kept me well informed throughout the whole process. I would highly recommend Pete Young to anyone.

– Mathew, Wausau, WI

Christopher is very professional, polite towards his clients. I was in a very bad car accident, and Christopher worked very hard over the course of several years on my behalf to achieve my desired results. I would definitely recommend him to anyone.

– Michael, Madison, WI

Ed Vopal and the staff at Habush Habush & Rottier in Green Bay, WI were amazing to work with. The amount of professionalism, empathy, compassion and assistance they provided before, during and settling our case was nothing short of superb. I would recommend this firm to anyone looking for a personal injury lawyer.

– Michelle, Green Bay, WI

Chris and Barb – I’m sure a virtual “high five” is not professional, but hey, a job well done! Thank you both for your expertise in handling my accident. 

-Nancy, Madison, WI

Mr. Christopher Duesing: He was very helpful,kind and upfront with my husband and me. Chris and his staff Went above and beyond what we could have ever hoped for . We would highly recommend the office at Habush Habush & Rottier in Lake Geneva, WI . Just make sure Christopher and his staff stay there . All are extremely knowledgeable and trustworthy. They fight for you and consider you as a real person . God bless Chris and his staff .

– Patrisha, Lake Geneva, WI

Theresa was an excellent attorney. I would trust her with my own children. In the past six months, Theresa has worked extremely hard for me and my family. She truly cares about us, understands how difficult a disability claim can be, and empathizes with us. Theresa always kept me informed and kept me calm in the most frustrating situations. I cannot say enough about how pleased I am with Theresa and Habush Habush & Rottier S.C. as a law firm. Thank you.

– Rick, Stevens Point

Robert Jaskulski is nothing but amazing. I worked with Robert on my motorcycle accident. He was very professional, knowledgeable, and responsive. He even came to visit me in the hospital after my accident to see how I was doing. I am extremely satisfied with Robert and highly recommend him.

– Robert, Waukesha, WI

I would like to share the exceptional legal services that we received from Habush Habush & Rottier; and specifically their attorney Jason Knutson. Our daughter was seriously injured in a pedestrian and auto accident while attending college. A referral came from a friend who lived and was connected in the local area. The referral was from an attorney who was on the other side and represented insurance companies. They were asked who they respected from the personal injury attorney field and recommended Jason Knutson at Habush Habush & Rottier. Jason met my family in the hospital the day we had contacted him. I knew immediately that we were very fortunate for this referral. Neither my wife or I had been involved in any legal case prior to this accident. Jason came across as truly concerned and passionate about helping us through our case. He was very knowledgeable and also expressed his confidence in the different paths that our case could go. Our case had a few obstacles that changed that path, but Jason kept us informed along the way and negotiated the best possible settlement in a rather short amount of time. He also made himself available to explain some of the more complicated legal obstacles or settlement options throughout the process. We would highly recommend Jason for his legal expertise and his passion as an attorney.

– Rod, Madison, WI

We were so impressed with Tim and highly recommend him! He came to our home during Christmas holidays and sat down with us to explain the process thoroughly. Throughout the entire process, we were kept in the loop by either him or his paralegal Cindy – they did an excellent job.

-S. Milwaukee, WI

Benjamin was great! Benjamin was a great find after my car accident. We met at a cocktail party and after talking about the upcoming holiday, he noticed I was in pain while sitting in a low chair and asked me was I alright. I told him about the accident not knowing he was an attorney and from there, a relationship was born. I found him to be honest and realistic. He took his time and explained the process to me. He answered my questions until I had a pretty good understanding of each step of the process.

His paralegal, Alexis was great.


– Sherita, Milwaukee, WI

I am writing as a very happy client who worked with the firm Habush Habush & Rottier. Pete Young handled my case with expertise and was very knowledgeable with both of my law suits. He made me feel very comfortable in all my decisions and I had confidence in him representing me. I would highly recommend Pete Young in the Habush & Habush team as a professional lawyer who did an outstanding job for me and my family.

– Sue, Rhinelander, WI

Very caring law firm: Byron and his firm made my situation easier to deal with. He was very professional, kept me up to date on everything and explained each process as it was happening. He was able to settle my case before it went to trial. He would personally take the time to take my calls and answer my questions. I would recomment him to anyone.

– Tracey, Green Bay, WI