I cannot think of anything negative to say about Benjamin Wagner. We worked together for years over the course of my case and he was responsive, informative, helpful, and compassionate; he earned my trust and confidence right away. He understood that there were many facets to my case (physical, psychological, financial) and was aware and empathetic in regards to all of them. He was clear on timelines and expectations and walked me through each step of the process so that I could understand exactly what I was responsible for and what I was doing. I have no legal knowledge and I found it very interesting to observe his work; I gained a greater understanding of the ins and outs of my case throughout the process. Settling my case through Benjamin Wagner allowed me to work towards healing and closure from emotional and financial perspectives and ultimately, we produced the best possible result I could have imagined. In working with me as a client, Benjamin was smart, professional, and compassionate and on my behalf, Benjamin was tough, knowledgeable, and ambitious. I would absolutely recommend Benjamin Wagner to anyone I know in need of his expertise; I had an excellent experience working with him.

- Anonymous, Milwaukee, WI