My husband and I were up against the impossible, but we fortified ourselves with faith and hope. Challenging the “powerful” was intimidating, and the possibility of going through litigation was terrifying. Dan RottierJim FergalSusan Tyndall, and Kathleen Sullivan were there for us throughout the entire process. It’s hard to convey the confusion and anger I felt over my life suddenly changed; quite a horrid awareness losing one’s freedom and control. As both my champion and guardian, I saw the strain of our financial responsibilities weighing heavy on my husband. All the medical visits, prosthetists, therapists, and medications seemed endless. So this train-of-thought kept running through my mind: I go to emergency medical treatment for help, awaken from a coma, discover I must lose all four limbs, because; oops, sorry! Now don’t do that again you well-intentioned doctor. Welcome to your new life patient, make the best it. Well, heck no to that!

To Dan, Jim, Susan, Kathy, and every associate and staff member that worked on our case we will always be grateful for your hard work and dedication. Thank you for being the best at what you do, fighting for us. Please know, that because of your commitment we can breathe. You all helped me (us) restore control of our life.

– Carrie