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Asbestos / Mesothelioma

For nearly two centuries, asbestos, naturally occurring fibers classified as “known human carcinogens,” was the primary building material used for insulation in homes, offices, and more due to its cheap production cost. Almost all new construction contained asbestos in the mid-twentieth century, which eventually was found to sometimes cause aggressive cancers like mesothelioma. As research proving the negative health consequences of asbestos exposure emerged, the use of asbestos decreased, but some people are just now developing symptoms of the disease.

Asbestos is almost never used in new construction today; however, people who work with or live in buildings constructed before 1970 may still be at risk.

Occupations with High Asbestos Exposure

Asbestos is still the leading cause of occupational cancer. Fields that are at a particularly high risk for asbestos exposure include the following:

  • Construction
  • Shipyards
  • Oil drilling
  • Automobile repair and manufacturing
  • Industrial occupations
  • Firefighting

If you work in one of the above fields, you are at a higher risk for not only mesothelioma, but also for other cancers and damaging lung conditions caused by asbestos. And though your employer may assert that any asbestos has been removed from the site, it may have been removed improperly and/or incompletely.

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