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Greenfield Products Liability Claims Lawyer

Product manufacturers have a responsibility to sell safe products, but sometimes they neglect that responsibility and cut corners. These oversights can cause their products to be unsafe, leading to injuries in their customers. A product liability case involves identifying the responsible party for a product that caused the plaintiff harm. If you were hurt by a defective or unsafe product, then someone must be held liable for allowing it to be sold. The direct seller of the product however, may not be liable. Anyone from the manufacturer of the product to the retail store itself may be liable for putting consumers in danger.

At Habush Habush & Rottier S.C. ®, our Greenfield products liability claim attorneys understand the frustration of purchasing a defective product, and work hard to identify the person accountable. If you or someone you know was injured due to a faulty product, call us at (414) 271-0900 to learn more about what your options for seeking compensation for your injuries.

The Types of Defective Products

Some individuals may think that they have strong case for product liability simply if they purchase a defective product. In reality, it takes a panel of experts to determine if the plaintiff was sold a faulty product. It is important to also note that some products cannot be deemed unsafe due to their inherently hazardous nature. A manufacturer however is required to post appropriate warnings of the risks of a product, and if that is not clear, then the plaintiff may still have a strong case.

Product liability laws vary from state to state, and in Wisconsin, strict liability claims can occur where the plaintiff does not have to prove that the seller was negligent. Instead, the product itself must be undoubtedly dangerous. This requires that the plaintiff is able to confirm that they encountered a seriously defective product and were hurt because of this encounter. There are three types of product defects that can be used to prove that a product is unsafe. They include:

  • Design Defects – the way the product was designed is inherently unsafe
  • Manufacturing Defects – occur during the assembly of the product and include using low-quality materials that break too easily
  • Marketing Defects – improper labeling or instructions that put the consumer at risk

Your ability to apply one of the types of defects to your injury is essential. If you have been harmed by a product, then it could be possible to receive compensation for your pain, financial loss, or emotional distress. You may be able to bring a sense of justice to yourself and help prevent future injuries by taking legal action.

Consult with a Product Liability Lawyer in Greenfield

At Habush Habush & Rottier S.C. ®, we are dedicated to helping people who have been affected by faulty products, and are highly skilled in finding the liable party. To discuss your case with one of our defective products attorneys, call (414) 271-0900.