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Applebee’s Servers in Wisconsin

We believe that Applebee’s servers at many Wisconsin locations are owed back wages and penalty damages.  Under federal wage and hour laws, if servers spend a substantial amount of time doing non-tipped work, Applebee’s must pay them the regular minimum wage of $7.25/hour for all time spent on this non-tipped work.  Non-tipped work includes side work such as rolling silverware, cleaning, stocking, and 10-Point Station Checks.  In addition, employers must keep track of the time employees spend on tipped versus non-tipped work.

We have spoken with many servers across the state who are paid only $2.33 per hour but spend a significant amount of their shift on side work.  If you have worked at Applebee’s as a server in the past 3 years and are interested in discussing potential wage and hour violations, contact Breanne L. Snapp at (608) 255-6663 for a free, confidential consultation. Click here to chat with one of our online representatives.