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Unpaid Overtime for Epic Systems Trainers

We believe that Epic Systems Trainers are owed overtime wages and penalty damages.  Employers must pay all employees overtime wages for hours worked over 40 per week unless they can show that the employee falls within a particular exemption from federal wage and hour laws.  This is true for both hourly and salaried employees.

Epic’s Trainers are paid a salary with no additional compensation for hours worked over 40 per week.  Epic may claim that its Trainers qualify for the “teacher professional exemption,” but employees must work at an educational establishment to qualify for this exemption.  Neither Epic nor a hospital constitutes an educational establishment.

We believe that Epic has misclassified Trainers as exempt from overtime.  If you worked as an Epic Trainer in the past three years and have questions about this case or wish to file a claim in order to pursue unpaid wages and overtime, contact attorney Breanne L. Snapp for a free and confidential consultation. Click here to chat with one of our online representatives.