Preventable falls at nursing homes or hospice facilities are one of the most common forms of abuse and neglect.

Patients involved in a preventable fall due to negligence or abuse at a nursing home or hospice may be eligible for compensation for medical bills, pain and suffering related to physical, psychological, and emotional trauma, and other injuries.


Nursing home and hospice facilities are required to provide medical care for their residents while keeping their facilities safe. Unfortunately, there are a variety of ways a facility can fall short, resulting in an unsafe environment for patients and residents. Some of the most common causes of preventable falls in nursing home and hospice facilities include:

  • Failure to remove hazards and keep the location safe: Nursing home and hospice facilities are required to ensure they address any hazards that may cause a slip and fall accident, such as a spilled liquid, ice, etc. Failure to do so may make them legally responsible if a resident gets hurt.
  • Poor hiring: If a nursing or hospice facility hires an employee that neglects, abuses or otherwise intentionally harms a resident, they may be held liable for any injuries caused by the employee. The facility is also responsible if they fail to provide adequate employee training or supervision.
  • Inadequate medical treatment: If a resident falls at a nursing home or hospice facility, and the staff does not provide adequate treatment for the injuries, the nursing or hospice facility may be liable for the resulting pain and injuries.


If you, or your loved one, is involved in a preventable fall, take immediate action to rectify the situation. Do not hesitate to remove your loved one from the facility.

Be sure to document the injuries with photographs, witness statements and medical records as applicable. Likewise, be sure to take any relevant photos (or get other documentation) of any causes of the preventable fall, such as spilled liquid or ice, if possible.

Remember, often when a resident or patient is involved in a preventable fall at a nursing or hospice facility, the staff often tries to blame the victim. It is never their fault.


If your loved one is involved in a preventable fall at a nursing home or hospice facility, focus on taking care of them and finding them a new place to live, rather than deadlines, legal paperwork or attorneys.

Instead, let our experienced attorneys focus on taking on the nursing home or hospice facility. We have experience obtaining settlements large enough to cover temporary or lifelong costs associated with preventable falls and other nursing home or hospice facility . In our most successful cases, Habush clients obtain settlements often double what unrepresented victims obtain.


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