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A motorist can quickly lose control over his or her vehicle if the computer systems onboard malfunction. The computers on a car or truck are responsible for controlling many different aspects of the vehicle’s important systems, such as the transmission and throttle. A malfunction that affects either the hardware of these computers or their software programs can seriously endanger a motorist’s safety.


The computer systems in motor vehicles control a variety of important components by collecting information with a network of sensors then analyzing it with a computer. These computers can then determine what actions will make the basic operation of the vehicle the most efficient or safest.

Unfortunately, the following issues can arise if a car computer fails:

  • Engine problems
  • Transmission errors
  • Anti-lock brake issues
  • Loss of electronic stability assistance
  • Loss of driver assistance systems

In some cases, a problem may occur with the electric system in the vehicle. This can effectively shut off a computer system. In addition to these problems, software errors may push the vehicle to operate in an entirely unintended, unsafe manner that could lead to a potential accident.