Medical facilities across the country implement policies that automatically deduct pay for meal breaks. However, where any work is performed during a meal break, the employer must pay for the entire break. “On-duty” meal periods must also be paid.

Automatic meal break deduction policies are often found to be illegal because the employees are not able to take an uninterrupted meal break. In many states, including Wisconsin, an employee must receive a full half hour uninterrupted meal break in order for the hospital or medical facility to deduct this break from the employee’s time record. In Wisconsin, your employer must pay for your break if:

  • You can’t leave the employer’s premises;
  • You have to complete work tasks, including charting or other administrative tasks;
  • You are interrupted by co workers, a page or PA system, or cell phone.

If your meal breaks are unpaid, but you perform work or are required to stay on-site, you could have a claim for unpaid wages and overtime. Contact attorneys Jason Knutson or Breanne Snapp  for a free and confidential consultation. Click here to chat with one of our online representatives.