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Milwaukee Car Defects Attorneys

When you purchase a vehicle that is defective, you are entitled to financial compensation for the injuries that result because of the manufacturer’s negligence. Even a minor vehicle defect can have life-altering consequences and cause devastating damage for individuals and families. The Milwaukee car defects lawyers at Habush Habush & Rottier S.C. ® have witnessed firsthand how traumatic an accident caused by a car defect can be, and we are committed to helping Wisconsinites affected by the issues they cause.

For the past 75 years, the attorneys at our firm have represented individuals across Wisconsin who sustained injuries because of a defective car part. These vehicles should have never made it on the market, and injured victims should not have to pay for the damage they did not cause. A qualified personal injury attorney can help you determine who was responsible for the accident and fight to obtain damages on your behalf. If you were the victim of a car defect and want to pursue compensation, contact our firm by using the live chat option on our website, filling out a contact information sheet, or calling (414) 271-0900 today.

Do I Need a Car Defects Attorney?

Car defects cases are typically complex and challenging to handle without the help of a qualified attorney. When a car defect causes an accident or fails to protect vehicle occupants during an accident, hiring a professional is the optimal choice. A knowledgeable product liability attorney can help with the following:

  • Collecting relevant records: The details about your vehicle could make or break your case. For example, knowing whether your car had a defective airbag is important when determining whether the manufacturer is liable for the airbag failing to deploy. An attorney can help you access manufacturing records, recall notices, and information about similar cases in order to build your case.
  • Proving the car was not crashworthy: Even if a driver causes a collision, they may still be entitled to compensation for a defective part. Every vehicle sold must be crashworthy, meaning it will protect the vehicle occupants during any foreseeable use. If you crash your car, but the seat belt snaps and fails to keep you in your seat, you can hold the manufacturer accountable for building and selling a car that was not crashworthy.
  • Negotiating a settlement: Large companies and insurance representatives will likely try to offer you a settlement so your case does not go to trial. Odds are, their initial settlement offer will be far less than the amount you actually deserve. A trial lawyer can help negotiate your case to make sure you receive the best deal possible from the manufacturer.

In addition, a car defects attorney can represent your case if you choose to go to trial. Although the majority of personal injury cases are settled outside of court, some situations require a trial in order for justice to be served. Building a relationship with an attorney who can provide quality advocacy both in and out of the courtroom is necessary after a car accident. Do not hesitate to contact a qualified Milwaukee car defect attorney if you are considering legal action.

Why Should I Choose Habush Habush & Rottier S.C. ® to Handle my Case?

After an accident, it is common to receive calls, emails, and letters from firms interested in representing you. Although there are numerous firms willing to represent injured people, not all of them have the adequate experience and legal knowledge. When you are choosing a firm to represent you in Milwaukee, consider Habush Habush & Rottier S.C. ® for the following reasons:

  • Capable of taking on large companies: Our firm has gone up against construction companies, hospitals, manufacturers, and booming businesses. We will not back down from a challenge if our client has a deserving case, and we have the legal resources and experience necessary to obtain the results you need after your accident.
  • Millions of dollars obtained: Our lawyers have recovered hundreds of millions of dollars on behalf of our clients. When an individual is injured in an accident, we will do everything it takes to ensure they have the monetary resources for recovery. To see some of the verdicts and settlements we obtained, visit the results page on our website.
  • “Reassured and protected”: We value the experience of our clients above all else. Some of our past clients say they felt “reassured and protected” once our attorneys took their case; others describe us as “extremely dependable and well-versed.” It is important to remember that your case focuses on you. Our product liability lawyers want to fight for results that will make a difference in your life and put you on the road to recovery following an accident caused by a car defect.
  • Unparallelled experience: The attorneys at Habush Habush & Rottier S.C. ® have been serving Milwaukee and other cities throughout Wisconsin for over 75 years. With 13 offices across the state, we have handled a broad range of cases and have the knowledge and experience to achieve results for injured victims.

No other firm in Wisconsin can match our level of dedication and care for clients. Furthermore, we have more board-certified trial attorneys than any other firm in Wisconsin. Call us at (414) 271-0900 for more information about how we can help your case.

Common Car Defects

Vehicles are complex machines that many of us rely on for transportation and convenience. Unfortunately, when an accident occurs, the vehicle is sometimes to blame for the injuries that result. Some of the most common car defects that manufacturers are liable for include:

  • Airbags: When an airbag deploys during a collision, it can offer valuable protection to our bodies. Unfortunately, defective airbags can result in brain damage, burns, or lacerations across the face and torso. The airbag manufacturer is liable when their product fails to function as expected.
  • Seat belt defects: Seat belts are designed to keep us in place during an accident, but when the seat belt is too loose, tight, or poorly constructed, it can easily fail. Manufacturers who sell defective seat belts can be held accountable for seat belts that fail to keep someone in place during an accident.
  • Structural defects: Although we all try to purchase vehicles that appear to be well constructed, automobiles often come with slight defects that make us less safe. A structural defect is a broad term that covers a number of potential issues and can include a weak roof, poorly constructed frame, or door locks that fail.
  • Design defects: Issues with the design of the vehicle or a specific part of the vehicle can cause devastating injuries. Whether the problem is with the tires, brakes, or fuel tank, crashes and explosions become more likely when the vehicle design is defective.
  • Rollover cases: A car needs to be sturdy enough to handle a rollover accident, but many vehicles fail to protect their occupants when the vehicle flips. Talking to an attorney is the first step toward compensation after a rollover.
  • Child safety seats: Keeping your child or children safe is the number one goal of many parents. When a seat meant to keep a child safe and secure causes worse injuries, such as cuts, bruises, or broken bones, the manufacturer is at fault.
  • Defects of tires and rims: The wheels of a vehicle are among its most important features. When a tire unexpectedly blows out, or the rubber is defective, a serious collision could result.

Of course, these are just a few of the ways a car defect can hurt someone, so contact our firm with questions, even if you don’t see your particular case above.

Who Is Liable for my Accident?

In most car defect cases, the manufacturer of the defective vehicle is liable for injuries related to the defect. This liability could be limited to the large manufacturer, such as Toyota, or the manufacturer of a specific part of the vehicle. In addition, the seller of the vehicle could be held accountable for not revealing a known defect before selling the vehicle in some cases. An attorney can help you determine who is liable following your accident.

The Role of Car Defects in Accidents

A report published by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration in 2015 detailed the painful effects of car defects on accidents. According to their study, 44,000 crashes resulted from vehicle-related issues. That is only two percent of the total number of crashes, but it demonstrates the devastating potential for defects to cost lives. Of the accidents with a vehicle issue as the primary cause, 15,000 were tires-related; 10,000 were brakes-related; and 2,000 were steering, transmission, suspension, or engine-related. When a vehicle malfunctions, everyone on the road is in danger. If you were the victim of an accident caused or worsened by a car defect, seek justice by contacting an attorney today.

Contact a Milwaukee Car Defects Attorney

When you are injured in an accident through no fault of your own, you should not have to pay for the damages that result. If you are struggling to pay medical bills, insurance payments, or property damage costs after an accident, an attorney can help you pursue compensation for your claim. Get in touch with Habush Habush & Rottier S.C. ® by using the live chat option on our website, filling out a contact information form, or calling (414) 271-0900 for more information.

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