Zimmer Durom Cup

The Zimmer Durom Cup, a metal socket with a plasma coating used in hip replacement surgeries, has caused pain and suffering for many recipients, prompting the company to recall these devices. These hip implants have been cited as dangerous due to serious health problems associated with the implant’s premature failure, the possibility of metallosis from metal-on-metal chemical interactions in the body, and the implant’s inability to stimulate necessary bone growth around the device. As a result of these product failures, mistreated patients may be entitled to pursue financial compensation for their injuries.

If you or someone you love has suffered because of a Zimmer Durom Cup hip implant failure, we may be able to help with the process of filing a claim for financial compensation from the manufacturer. To learn more about your full range of legal options if a defective device has caused you pain and otherwise needless additional medical care, contact a product liability lawyer from Habush Habush & Rottier S.C. today by calling 800-242-2874.

Health Concerns Linked to the Zimmer Durom Cup

Like other metal hip implant systems, the Zimmer Durom Cup has been linked to a variety of very serious product failures. In particular, the following health issues have been cited as problems arising from failures with this device:

  • Implant failure, resulting in difficulty walking or immobility
  • Local muscle, bone, and nerve damage due to metallosis
  • Severe pain due to metallosis
  • Pain and difficulty moving due to a lack of intended bone growth around the implant

These devices were recalled due to their dangerousness. However, patients developing new injuries has a result of a Durom Cup’s failure may still be eligible to pursue financial compensation for their undue suffering.

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If your Zimmer Durom Cup implant has failed and caused you harm, there may be financial compensation available to help you cover the cost of having this implant replaced and receiving any necessary additional treatment. For a free consultation regarding your legal options against the product manufacturer responsible for your injury, contact the product liability attorneys of Habush Habush & Rottier S.C. at 800-242-2874 today.