Call Center Employee Pay Dispute Lawyers

Call center employees often have a set period during which they work, and for which they are paid. However, this does not necessarily fully cover all of the time during which call center employees actually perform significant work duties. In fact, many call center employees perform substantial work outside of their normal shift hours, for which they may be entitled to receive overtime pay. Unfortunately, many employers fail to provide their employees with this pay, denying them their rightfully earned wages.

Overtime Activities for Call Center Employees

Call center employees may engage in a range of different tasks outside of their normal working hours that entitle them to receive overtime pay. Unfortunately, far too many employers fail to fairly pay employees for performing these duties. Some of the most common of these activities include:

  • Logging in to work stations
  • Checking and responding to email
  • Filing reports
  • Attending meetings

Call center employees who perform any of these essential tasks outside of their working hours may be eligible to receive compensation and should seek legal recourse if they are not paid the wages that they believe they have earned.

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