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Workers employed in the field of information technology (IT) often operate at irregular hours. In many cases, it may be necessary for IT workers to work at home or to work much longer hours than they otherwise would in order to finish a project. In these circumstances, IT workers are typically qualified to receive overtime pay for their work. However, many employers misclassify IT workers as administrative or professional workers, thereby unlawfully exempting them from overtime pay requirements.

If you are an IT worker who believes that your employer may have denied you the overtime pay you deserve for your work, consider taking legal action to get the pay you have earned. The wages you have been denied may add up to a substantial amount, and filing a claim against your employer may be the only way to secure the wages you have been denied.

Requirements for Overtime Exemptions

IT workers must be provided overtime pay for work that is performed in excess of their regular working hours unless their job fully matches all of the following criteria:

  • Employee receives compensation on a salary or fee basis of no less than $455 per week
  • Employee’s work must be directly related to management policies or general business operations
  • Employee must regularly exercise discretion or independent judgment in the course of performing job duties

If an IT worker’s job does not match these criteria, they are likely entitled to receive overtime pay when they work over the regular 40 hour limit in a week.

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