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Pre-Shift Work, Post-Shift Work, and Work at Home

Many employees work for their employers outside of just the normal hours for which they are typically paid. Working before shifts, after shifts, or bringing work home to be completed off the clock are all fairly common actions for employees in a wide range of different industries and positions. However, many workers are not aware that they may be entitled to receive compensation for this extra effort. In fact, any employer aware of work activities performed off the clock by their employees is required to provide overtime pay for these workers, and companies that fail to appropriately provide overtime pay for work employees who have performed work outside of normal working hours should be held accountable for these unpaid wages.

Work Shift Violations

Whether required by the employer or not, the work that employees perform off the clock typically renders them eligible to receive financial compensation. Some common forms of this type of work include:

  • Cleaning work stations
  • Preparing tools
  • Attending meetings/conferences/etc.
  • Responding to company email

These and other important job tasks, when performed off the clock, may entitle an employee to receive overtime pay.

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