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Accidents are bound to happen. Every year, people suffer through serious physical and financial stress caused by a serious injury accident. Personal injury specifically refers to any situation in which another party’s recklessness or negligence directly causes an accident. These preventable accidents can leave innocent victims and their families to face a multitude of challenges. If you have been the victim of an accident, you do not need to take on these struggles alone. A compassionate and skilled attorney will be able to help get you back on your feet and guide you through the process of fighting for the compensation you deserve.

At Habush Habush & Rottier S.C. ®, we are dedicated to protecting and defending individuals hurt by the negligence of another party. We understand just how frustrating it is to sustain an injury that could have been prevented and was not your fault. At our firm, we do everything in our power to protect and defend our clients’ rights through the legal process of fighting for compensation in personal injury cases. Our lawyers have decades of experience helping the people of Milwaukee to recover from their accidents, and we are prepared to do the same for you. With one of our Milwaukee personal injury attorneys on your side, you can trust that your case is in good hands. 

Cases We Handle

The basis of all personal injury cases is that one individual’s recklessness or negligence caused another person to sustain an injury. If you were involved in an accident and suffered an injury or multiple injuries because of another person’s actions, you may be able to hold that person accountable for their actions. A knowledgeable attorney at Habush Habush & Rottier S.C. ® will be able to evaluate the incident and determine if any. Our personal injury practice areas, include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Car Accidents: Unfortunately, due to the sheer number of vehicles on the road, car accidents are commonplace and leave victims with serious and life-threatening injuries every day. Motor vehicle accidents can occur for a number of reasons, and the results are often devastating. Our firm is prepared to handle any accidents involving cars, trucks, motorcycles, or other recreational vehicles. If a reckless or negligent driver caused you serious injury, do not hesitate to contact our offices. We are also prepared to take on cases of motor vehicle accidents involving road defects and vehicle malfunctions. 
  • Asbestos: For many years, construction companies used asbestos as an insulating fiber in homes and buildings across the country. It was later discovered that asbestos exposure and inhalation could lead to a number of different health problems. Many property owners knew of the potential dangers linked with asbestos and still took no action to protect employees or residents. If you or someone you love has suffered because of asbestos exposure, you may be entitled to compensation. 
  • Mesothelioma: Mesothelioma is a form a cancer that is typically associated with asbestos exposure. Because asbestos inhalation often causes mesothelioma, those who develop this form of cancer often receive compensation. If you believe asbestos exposure caused your illness, our attorneys can help you through the legal process of filing a claim. 
  • Wrongful Death: At Habush Habush & Rottier S.C. ®, we understand how difficult and emotional it is to lose someone you love. When this death occurs prematurely due to the negligent, careless, or reckless actions of another party, a family must mourn the tragic loss of a loved one, but also take on the burden of a wrongful death lawsuit. If you have lost a loved one because of a negligent party, the lawyers at Habush Habush & Rottier S.C. ® understand that any legal case may seem like too much to handle during this emotional time, but we are here to help you. If you have lost a loved one due to the negligence of another party, do not hesitate to contact our offices. Our legal team will do everything possible to see that you are granted the compensation you deserve. 
  • Explosion Accidents: Accidents involving fires and explosions are among some of the most devastating incidents. These tragedies can result in serious property damages and physical injuries, including death. Victims of these accidents and their families may be entitled to financial compensation if another party’s actions caused the explosion. No matter where or why your explosion accident occurred, we are here to help you. 
  • Premises Liability: Premises liability refers to any case in which a person is injured on another individual’s property and the accident was caused by the property owner’s failure to maintain a safe environment. Typical premises liability accidents involve slip and fall, porch collapse, swimming pool injuries, stair collapse, and elevator injuries. If the negligence of a property owner caused your injuries, you may be in the position to fight for compensation. 
  • Construction Accidents: Construction sites are often dangerous workplaces. The combination of heavy machinery and extreme working conditions make accidents very likely to happen. Construction accidents, such as crane collapses, machinery malfunctions, and vehicle collisions, can result in serious and life-threatening injuries. If you believe your injuries resulted from a construction company’s negligence, you may be able to fight for compensation. 
  • Injuries from Animals: Pet owners are legally responsible for ensuring that their pets are not a danger to other people. When another individual’s pet attacks a person, the victim may be able to recover certain damages. These cases most often involve dog bites, but our lawyers are prepared to handle cases surrounding any type of animal attack. 
  • Sexual Assaults: While sexual assaults will most commonly result in criminal cases, they may also give rise to a civil claim. A sexual assault victim can choose to begin a civil lawsuit if a third party’s negligence led to the assault. Causes of action against a third party may include premises liability, the negligent hiring of employees, and more. At Habush Habush & Rottier S.C. ®, we understand how traumatic sexual assault is, and we will do everything in our power to get you the justice you deserve. 
  • Pharmacy Errors: In the United States, prescriptions are erroneously filled every year. Taking the wrong medicine can lead to several problems, such as serious illness, organ failure, and even death. If you were prescribed the incorrect medicine, you may be entitled to compensation if your doctor or pharmacist is found liable. Our lawyers will be able to help you determine who is liable in your case and guide you through the process of fighting for the compensation you deserve. 
  • Vaccination Injuries: While most vaccines are safe, effective, and prevent the development and spread of serious illnesses, in rare cases, some vaccines have left people with devastating injuries. If you have suffered complications from any vaccine, you may be in the position to file a claim and fight for a settlement under the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program. Our attorneys have years of experience bringing claims on behalf of clients injured by vaccinations before the U.S. Court of Federal Claims.  
  • Aviation Accidents: In airplane accidents, the results are often devastating and affect a very large number of people. Some of the most common causes of airplane accidents include pilot error, improper aircraft maintenance, and bad weather. In the aftermath of an aviation accident, our lawyers will always be there to guide you through the complex legal process. 
  • Swimming and Diving Injuries: Swimming pool accidents are sadly common in the United States. Swimming and diving accidents can result in broken bones, traumatic brain and spinal cord injuries, and even death. These types of accidents often fall under premises liability, and the pool owner or manager may be found liable if their negligence led to the accident. In the event of a swimming pool accident, it is wise to have a diligent personal injury lawyer on your side who can help you determine which party is liable. 
  • Legal and Professional Malpractice: All professionals are expected to act ethically and in accordance with the standards of their profession. Unfortunately, not all people abide by the standards of their profession, and clients and patients often suffer as a result. Legal and professional malpractice occurs in a variety of ways, including medical malpractice, legal malpractice, improper conduct, engineering failure, and more. Our firm has over 70 years of experience representing victims of all kinds of professional malpractice. No matter what type of malpractice you have experienced, our attorneys are here to help protect and defend your rights. 
  • Broken Bones and Scarring: Broken bones and scars can occur for a number of reasons. While these injuries may seem common, they can have serious and long-lasting effects. Both scars and broken bones can lead to complications and permanent problems, often leaving victims stressed and frustrated. If you were involved in an accident that left you with a serious bone fracture or disfiguring scar, you may be in the position to fight for compensation. 

The attorneys at Habush Habush & Rottier S.C. ® are here to help you, no matter what type of accident you were involved in. Our lawyers will be able to answer any questions you may have and provide you with all your legal options. Contact our offices by calling (414) 271-0900 to speak with an experienced personal injury lawyer. 

Compensation You May Be Entitled To

Personal injury accidents can become very costly, very quickly, and can place a person and their families under emotional and financial stress. One of the biggest questions involved in a personal injury case is just how much a claim will be worth. Recoverable damages vary from case to case, so it is always best to have an experienced lawyer help you through the legal process and determine what type of compensation you deserve. In a personal injury case, you may be able to receive compensation for the following:

  • Medical expenses
  • Loss of income from job loss or time spent away from work
  • Emotional trauma
  • Pain and suffering
  • Property damage
  • Loss of companionship Legal fees

After any accident, it is essential to have a lawyer determine how much your case is worth. The experienced attorneys at Habush Habush & Rottier S.C. ® will be able to examine your accident and injuries to help you determine the best legal route toward receiving compensation. 

Statute of Limitations

It is important to know that there is a strict time limit for you to file a claim. This time limit is known as a statute of limitations. Statutes of limitations vary from state to state and depend on the type of case. These statutes are outlined in the state penal code, but a personal injury attorney can also be helpful in determining your time constraints. 

Why Choose Us?

After a personal injury incident, choosing your legal representation will be one of the most important decisions you will have to make. The right lawyer will be able to protect and defend your rights, all while fighting to see that you receive the compensation you deserve. The attorneys at Habush Habush & Rottier S.C. ® have been dedicated to protecting the people of Wisconsin for over 75 years, and we have seen the struggles that families face when dealing with a personal injury case firsthand. After an accident, nobody should have to take on the legal process alone, which is why our firm has been committed to taking the burden of a personal injury case off the shoulders of our clients. We will be responsible for all legal aspects, so you can take the time you need to focus on healing. Our professional legal team can walk you through all your legal options and create an effective strategy tailored to you and your case. Our clients can trust that with one of our firm’s attorneys fighting on their side, they will have skilled representation that is widely respected throughout the legal world.  

Contact a Milwaukee Personal Injury Attorney

If you or someone you love has been hurt in an accident because of the actions of a negligent or reckless party, it is important to find a personal injury lawyer to help you through the process of filing a claim. At Habush Habush & Rottier S.C. ®, we understand that you may be facing very difficult circumstances, and we are here to help you. Personal injury accidents can take a toll on a victim’s professional and personal wellbeing, but a dedicated lawyer from our firm will do everything they can to help you recover physically, emotionally, and financially. Our legal team has decades of experience successfully representing Milwaukee residents in personal injury cases, and we are prepared to do the same for you. An attorney will evaluate your situation, provide you with all your legal options, and create a strategy specific to your case while answering any questions you may have along the way. Our lawyers will be dedicated to ensuring that you receive the compensation you rightfully deserve, and we will stop at nothing to see that the negligent party responsible for your accident is held accountable in court. To speak with an experienced Milwaukee personal injury attorney, contact the Habush Habush & Rottier S.C. ® offices by calling (414) 271-0900 today.

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