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Industrial Plant Explosions

Industrial facilities can be dangerous places.  Pipes filled with explosive gasses are ever-present, and an open valve or a carelessly tossed cigarette can lead to an enormous explosion.  Sadly, large industrial explosions occur far more often than they should.  Many industries use highly explosive gasses every day, and it only takes one mistake to cause a serious, life-threatening explosion. Common causes of industrial explosions include:

The operators and managers of industrial plants have an obligation to their employees to provide a safe workplace.  Many explosions in the workplace are due to carelessness on the part of those in charge, and because regulations and safety requirements are not being handled with the appropriate seriousness.

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Natural gas and other forms of fuel are transported in pipelines from refineries to other plants, businesses, and areas.  Because of the high concentration of flammable material, a leak in a pipeline is a serious threat to anyone and everything in the vicinity.  Without proper and frequent maintenance, even the most well-designed pipeline can develop a leak or flaw that could develop into a deadly problem.

Pipelines often travel long distances, frequently in excess of hundreds of miles.  The length of the pipeline and the volatility of the material being transported mean that an explosion could occur suddenly at any part of the pipe.  Over the past years, dozens of people have been injured and killed by pipeline explosions.  Many more have lost their homes and their possessions.

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