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Dangerous Natural Gas Storage

Since natural gas is highly flammable, it should be stored in containers that will shield it against sparks and flames. In addition, these containers must be able to withstand great amounts of pressure, as gas may expand. While most natural gas containers have added safety measures to ensure that these situations are never problems, some individuals may store natural gas in unsafe conditions.

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Dangerous Mistakes

In most cases, natural gas is stored in heavy duty metal containers. These containers, as previously mentioned, shield the gas from harmful outside conditions. However, the negligence of some individuals may negate these shielding effects.
Dangerous storage of natural gas may include:

  • Storing containers in areas of high heat
  • Storing gas near flames or sparks
  • Failing to close containers’ release valves
  • Storing gas in damaged or punctured containers

Any of these conditions may make natural gas more prone to exploding. Ideally, natural gas should be stored in new containers in cool places that are away from potential fire hazards. Additionally, containers should be closed any time they are not in use.

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