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Dangerous Transportation of Natural Gas

In the United States, natural gas is usually transported in one of two ways: pipelines and transportation vehicles. While these modes of transportation are usually safeguarded, these safety measures sometimes may fail. In the resulting explosions, individuals in the blast radius may suffer serious injuries or death.

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Potential Dangers

Each method of transporting natural gas has its own potential dangers if not properly supervised and maintained. These dangers are described in further detail below:

  • Pipelines require constant inspection and maintenance to ensure that they are free of leaks and that their safety features are working. Should a pipe leak near a flame or spark, an explosion may result. Additionally, a pipe that is unable to release excess pressure may rupture.
  • Transportation vehicles have more potential dangers since they leave more room for human error. While the common errors may apply, such as faulty tanks or a lack of maintenance, transport vehicles have the added danger of being driven by a person.
  • Drivers of these vehicles must be alert and drive safely. Colliding with another vehicle, crashing in an existing structure, or any other accident may cause the natural gas to ignite, which may produce a large blast.

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