Objects on the Roadway

Roadway obstructions, particularly those that are not supposed to be there, are usually unexpected, causing drivers to take quick, defensive maneuvers in order to avoid the obstruction. While drivers should be following all traffic and road laws, in addition to driving safely, in order to better avoid collisions with these objects, the unfortunate reality is that even drivers operating their vehicles responsibly can be involved in an accident as a result of unexpected obstructions.

Because it is the responsibility of municipal entities to remove roadway obstructions in order to best protect the safety of any motorist, accidents that occur as a result of obstructions in the road may not be the fault of the driver. In fact, in such situations, municipal agencies may be held accountable for these accidents and their repercussions.

Common Roadway Obstructions

There is a wide variety of dangerous objects that a motorist can encounter in a road, some of which the more common are:

  • Construction site debris
  • Trash
  • Overgrown brush / trees
  • Debris from inclement weather
  • Remnants of a previous car accident

These and other objects can easily block the road or a motorist’s view, causing devastating accidents which could have potentially been avoided if a municipal body was more responsible in addressing their duties.

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Unfortunately, many innocent people are involved in car accidents each year because of objects in roads, leaving them with terrible physical injuries and burdensome financial costs. However, at Habush Habush & Rottier S.C. ®, our attorneys believe in holding negligent municipalities responsible for their actions, including failing to clear objects from busy roads and highways. If you have been injured in an accident because of a roadway object, call (414) 271-0900 to discuss your legal options.