Negligent Hiring

The capabilities of individual truck drivers, or those who operate 18-wheeler vehicles, are a critical component of safety on U.S. roads and highways. These drivers, who are on the road more than almost any other motorists and operate these large and unique vehicles, must be able to adeptly handle both the vehicles and the situations they may encounter. As such, it is important for truck companies to hire qualified and safe individuals to be truck drivers. If a trucking company, instead, engages in negligent hiring practices, then they might be putting unsafe truck drivers on the road, endangering the drivers and many other innocent people on the road.

What Is Negligent Hiring?

Negligent hiring encompasses many different behaviors of a trucking company. Most generally speaking, negligent hiring involves hiring individuals without looking into their qualifications for such a job. Such hiring practices might include:

  • Not conducting interviews with applicants
  • Hiring someone known to be unqualified
  • Hiring someone known to be a dangerous driver (i.e. has received DWIs, has a large number of driving violations, etc.)
  • Neglecting to perform necessary background checks

Any of these behaviors could result in unsafe drivers getting behind the wheels of these dangerous and large trucks and, as such, may constitute trucking company negligence. Trucking companies have to take responsibility for their hiring practices. Thus, if an innocent person is injured in an accident with an 18-wheeler because an unqualified driver was hired, then the trucking company who hired that driver might be legally and financially accountable for the accident.

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