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Property owners and managers are legally required to keep their properties in safe condition, which means meeting a number of safety regulations. In particular, all buildings need to be properly equipped with certain fire safety tools and meet building regulations in order to prevent serious injuries in the event of a fire. However, a property owner or manager may overlook or neglect these codes, potentially risking the health and safety of anyone on their property.

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Fire Hazards

Fire codes can vary depending on the type of property and how a building is used. However, all buildings are subject to certain codes. Additionally, owners and managers are required to maintain the property in a way that will not put visitors and tenants at greater risk of being injured by a fire. Some common regulations that building owners are required to have include:

  • Supplying adequate fire extinguishers in a building
  • Installing a sprinkler system to combat and contain fires
  • Maintaining a certain number of fire exits
  • Using safe, fire-preventative materials when building the structure
  • Reinforcing roof structures to prevent collapse during a fire

Violations of basic fire safety codes and other negligent property decisions can make a property owner liable to any victims injured in a fire on their property.

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