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Milwaukee Swimming Pool Injury Lawyers

Generally regarded as excellent places to relax, swimming pools are regular hang-outs for friends and families. However, they do not always provide a safe environment for the people using them when they have not been well maintained or watched by the owner or manager. Negligent maintenance and supervision could lead to hazards that could result in traumatic injuries. The safety of the pool and any injuries that result from negligent maintenance should be the responsibility of the pool’s manager.

If you or someone you know was injured due to careless pool maintenance, you could be eligible for financial compensation. Our Milwaukee swimming pool injury lawyers of Habush Habush & Rottier S.C. ®, are ready to protect your rights with professional advice and legal representation. Call us today to speak with a member of our legal staff at (414) 271-0900.

Common Swimming Pool Hazards

Swimming pools require regular maintenance and supervision to ensure that they are safe for people to use. Ignoring these essential repairs or failing to provide adequate supervision creates a dangerous environment for families and constitutes negligent behavior. A few common swimming pool hazards are:

  • Exposed metal drains
  • Slick walking surfaces
  • Dirty or contaminated water
  • Obstacles that may cause drowning

Injuries sustained at swimming pools could burden an individual with emotional and physical trauma, in addition to large medical bills. Fortunately, there may be legal recourse available for these kinds of injuries.

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If a negligent swimming pool owner or manager has caused you or a loved one to suffer an injury, you may be able to hold them liable for your losses. Our experienced Milwaukee swimming pool injury lawyers of Habush Habush & Rottier S.C. ®, work to help you pursue the financial compensation that you may be due. Call our office today for a free case evaluation at (414) 271-0900.