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David Blinka was professional and courteous. When I had a question I was able to email and received timely responses every time, even on a Sunday. He showed compassion for our situation and was thorough with his explanations. I was very happy with my experience.

– Jeannine

I was in a car accident last year and hired Habush law firm. I worked with David for about a year. Being from India, I did not know the process here very well. He walked me through every step, was very patient and understanding. David is very through, detailed and promptly replied to all emails. He made it easy to work on the case and only contacted me when I needed to know something.

– Akanksha


Good guy, great lawyer: I was very pleased with the way that Ben handled my lengthy car accident / injury case. I always felt properly prepared and informed each step of the way. I really felt he had my best interests in mind and worked diligently for the best outcome of my case. I was pleased with the results and the process. He has a reputation as a strong trial lawyer, and while I am thankful that we settled outside of court, it was reassuring to know that he was in my corner if we went to trial.

– Dustin

Robert Jaskulski is nothing but amazing. I worked with Robert on my motorcycle accident. He was very professional, knowledgeable, and responsive. He even came to visit me in the hospital after my accident to see how I was doing. I am extremely satisfied with Robert and highly recommend him.

– Robert

Jesse was very easy to work with. He was on top of everything, including calling me and making sure I understood what was going on with my case. He was very knowledgeable on all aspects of my case, including the insurance side. He was extremely generous and the end result was great. I would definitely recommend Jesse to anyone in need of a personal injury lawyer.

– Rebecca

Great Attorney: Ben was very helpful to me throughout the process of my case. He kept me informed of what was happening. He provided his professional guidance and expertise to help me receive a just settlement. I have already referred 3 people to Ben. He was great.

– Beth

Retained Larry after a severe car accident – extremely knowledgeable and personable.On mother’s day of 2010 I was driving from college to my hometown to see my mom and family. Since the school year was coming close to an end, I decided to pack my car up with most of my belongings to avoid the end of the year move-out congestion. On the way home, my car was struck head-on by a truck who crossed over the center line. I sustained severe injuries to my left arm which resulted in scarring from my elbow up to my shoulder and on to my back as well as cuts and bruises over my entire body. Everything in my car was also ruined. As a young woman who was scared and had never been through this sort of thing, I retained Larry as my lawyer because I needed direction and advice. Larry was personable and made me feel comfortable by explaining everything thoroughly to me as I didn’t know what to expect. I could tell as time went on that he really knew what he was talking about and that gave me a sense of reassurance. He is ethical and empathetic and he worked hard to get me what he really thought I deserved for all of the pain and suffering, scarring and loss of personal belongings. I’m SO glad I made the decision to retain Larry. He is awesome.

– Olivia

Ben was great! Ben was a great find after my car accident. We met at a cocktail party and after talking about the upcoming holiday, he noticed I was in pain while sitting in a low chair and asked me was I alright. I told him about the accident not knowing he was an attorney and from there, a relationship was born. I found him to be honest and realistic. He took his time and explained the process to me. He answered my questions until I had a pretty good understanding of each step of the process.

His paralegal, Alexis was great.

– Sherita

Great Attorney: Jacob was referred to us by another attorney that did not handle auto accidents. He was great in explaining what he could do and that is what he did. I was happy to see the settlement out of court. I have recommended him to another family I know that had an auto accident and will continue to refer him.

– Erin

Extremely Helpful and Professional: I was in my first car accident just over a year ago where i was struck by another driver and did have some injuries because of it. I was unsure of the process and was overwhelmed with all the phone calls from the clinic and the insurance company and not even sure what my rights were. I hired Pete to help me out with this traumatic event. From the moment he started I did not receive any more phone calls and he kept me well informed of what the discussions were he was having on my behalf. A car accident is not a fun thing to deal with and Pete was very understanding and patiently answered all my questions about the case and what my rights are in this situation. He did everything in his power to make sure I received the treatment I needed as well as the financial amount I was owed. I would definitely highly recommend Pete Young to anyone who is seeking a lawyer!!

– Matt

I worked with Eric on my personal injury case. I had a great experience working with Eric and his team. I was always kept up-to-date on where things were with my case. If Eric didn’t know the answer to something, he was always quick to do his research and get back to me as soon as possible. I really appreciated his timely responses and how he made sure to keep me in loop. I would recommend Eric to anyone in need of a personal injury lawyer.

– Tracy

Edward Vopal was extremely reputable in everything he did when he represented me after my car accidents. He took the time to build trust and make sure I was also in the loop and knew what was going on and what the next steps would be. Overall, Edward always had my best interests in mind as he negotiated my settlements. He also made sure to present me with all the pros and cons, making sure I didn’t have any concerns. The staff at Habush Habush & Rottier are very professional and customer focused. Edward gives attorneys a great name! I would absolutely recommend him to anyone in need of competent, skilled and caring representation.

– Carl

Highly Recommend Benjamin Wagner: I had a great experience working with Mr. Wagner. I was able to meet with Mr. Wagner a few days after getting in an accident while riding in the back of a taxi. Throughout my case Mr. Wagner was professional, honest, and had a sense of urgency. I was always kept in the loop on any progress on my case, and he was very responsive if I had any questions.

– Julia

Duane, equipment failure work accident: Craig did an excellent job helping us navigate through the legal aspects of our lawsuit against a company that had malfunctioning equipment. His professionalism really was a great asset to have when dealing with other attorneys representing the companies we pursued in my lawsuit. His knowledge and experience in this area was exceptional. I would definitely recommend Craig for anyone seeking an experienced attorney who has a genuine concern when representing them.

– Duane

I hired Jesse about one-to-three years ago for a car accident case. I thought I might be able to handle it myself, but realized with my schedule I just couldn’t do it all. That is when I hired Jesse at Habush Habush & Rottier S.C. ®. Jesse was a trustworthy and knowledgeable lawyer. He made sure to talk through all of the pros and cons when it came to my case. I would use Jesse again and recommend him to anyone in need of a personal injury lawyer.

– Connie

Eric was an excellent lawyer. There wasn’t much money in my case, but that didn’t stop Eric from fighting for me. He was very knowledgeable and was always prepared for anything the opposing side threw at us. I was very pleased and happy with the outcome. I would recommend Eric 100 times over. I had such a great experience and I cannot thank him enough for doing a great job with my case.

– Dale

Without hesitation, I would recommend Benjamin Wagner to anyone in need of a lawyer. We hired Benjamin more than three years ago after previously working with a different attorney. The difference between the first attorney and Benjamin was night and day. He took a personal interest in our case revolving around my daughter and a barn accident. He maintained his professionalism but at the same time was extremely personable and caring. Benjamin was also tremendously responsive throughout the entire case.

– Judi

I worked with Jesse more than three years ago on a personal injury case. Jesse paid attention and really listened. He always remembered what I had said or asked. He was great at responding to all of my phone calls and messages. Jesse was also very personable. I have already handed out Jesse’s business card to other individuals in need of help.

– Heidi

Thank you, Benjamin: I chose Benjamin as my attorney because of an unfortunate personal incident. The last thing I needed was to, as the saying goes, add insult to injury. Benjamin was beyond wonderful. He was such a pleasure to work with. He was kind, professional, prompt, and so very easy to work with. He was very open about what he was going to do and explained everything clearly. I don’t know how Ben and his team at Habush were and are capable of keeping all of these cases organized and on track, but they do. Ben worked long hours, days, weeks and months to resolve this issue in my favor. The result was a jury that was unanimous in my favor! I would and have, without hesitation, recommended Ben to others.

– Meg

I worked with Benjamin Wagner more than three years ago on a car accident case. I didn’t seek counsel help right away, but when I started having to deal with the insurance companies, I knew I needed some help and hired Benjamin. Up front, Benjamin was extremely friendly. He asked how I was feeling and what my thoughts were about the situation. He also made sure to walk through what I was to expect when we had to go to court with my case. I remember him coming in on a Saturday to go through everything before we went to court to ensure I was comfortable. If you are looking for a personal injury lawyer, call Benjamin. I am extremely confident in his abilities as a lawyer, and he truly wants the outcome that is best for you.

– Cheryl

Peter represented my daughter in a car accident case. He was very caring, understanding, and informed. He never kept me in the dark in terms of the case and where it was at. Peter worked well with my daughter and me. He was honest and pleasant to work with. I would definitely recommend Peter to anyone.

– Betsy

Highly Recommended: Settled personal accident insurance case (hit&run) outside court with max. possible return for me. Fantastic strategic planning and execution. Highly recommended.

– Emanuel

I was injured while operating a four-wheeler. The case was too difficult for the first attorney I’d hired, and so he referred me to Tim Trecek at Habush. Tim has a lot of experience; insurance companies respect and even fear him. Tim got me a great settlement which was even more than I‘d expected. Tim Trecek and his staff are super and I highly recommend Tim Trecek to anyone who has an injury case.

– Jake

If we ever are in need for an attorney again we would without a doubt have Doug Swanson represent my husband and I. It was after a horrific car accident that my husband lie in a hospital bed with multiple injuries and myself not knowing what to expect next. A relative who is in the medical field advised me that I would need legal help. I was not only overwhelmed by my husbands injuries but the future of his employment. After searching for a respected firm I chose Doug Swanson. He is by far a professional, compassionate and very knowledgeable attorney. Always keeping my husband and I informed as to what we can expect next. This was extremely helpful and positive for my husbands healing and my piece of mind. As my husband and I continue to heal from this unexpected ordeal, we know Doug and his expertise will be there for us. We are truly grateful to have an attorney that we can trust.

– Sue

Ralph and his firm recently handled a personal injury claim for me. He was very informative and educated me about the process the entire way! Ralph is a soft spoken guy but don’t let that fool you, he will fight for you like a pitbull on steroids, with integrity every step of the way!!!! I can’t say enough about the result he was able to get for my family, more than we ever expected or dreamt of. If you need an attorney hire Ralph, he is a family guy with integrity like no other and he gets results!!!!!

– Anonymous

I had an absolutely positive experience and am so thankful to have had Jason Knutson represent me as my lawyer. From the first day I met him for a free consultation, I felt comfortable and confident that I had found a knowledgeable, personable, and passionate lawyer to represent me. He was excellent at taking the time to explain my options and what the process would be in great detail.

Jason not only believed in and cared about my case, but also about how I was feeling throughout the entire process. Since he was always available to discuss my case, all of my questions were answered promptly and thoroughly, putting my mind at ease and making an otherwise stressful situation much easier for me to handle. As events unfolded, I was kept informed and Jason was extremely supportive and helpful.

I felt confident and proud having Jason’s representation. He was able to negotiate a favorable settlement for me, and brought me a successful resolution to my case. I am extremely satisfied in the outcome I received, and Jason proved himself to be a true professional. He was a fantastic lawyer, and I would strongly recommend Jason Knutson, as he deserves the highest recommendation possible.

– S.N.

Tim Trecek and his whole litigation team did a wonderful job representing my husband and I in our case, in which my husband sustained burns from an explosion at his work. You hear so many lawyers talk about how good they are and why you should hire them. Tim and his team proved, over the five years they worked on our case and fought for us against two big companies, why Habush, Habush & Rottier is the best personal injury firm in the state. Tim was professional and trustworthy throughout the whole process. Thank you for taking care of us and securing our future.

– Erin

I recently switched law firms as a result of being left in the dark and unsure of how my case was truly being handled. I met with Jacob Reis and was really taken by surprise. Everything he had explained to me and how he answered my questions was really refreshing. Things he told me and explained to me actually happened. I was still suffering from my accident and Jacob referred me to a doctor who was able to help get me additional relief. My case was handled in a professional and confidential manner. I would recommend Jacob Reis to other individuals who were or are suffering from a personal injury. He gave me hope when I felt the other firm didn’t really care about my case. Jacob settled my case quickly and I am now able to move on with my life knowing he had my best interest at heart. Thanks, Jacob Reis for everything!

– Terry

After my catastrophic accident, a neighbor recommended I contact Habush Habush & Rottier. After the first meeting, I immediately felt at ease with the entire staff. I had a very positive experience and cannont say enough good things about the firm.

– Laurie

Both my husband and I worked with Doug on our cases and we found working with him to be very comfortable. Doug and his paralegal, Audrey, were always in communication with us. One or the other was letting us know at all times what was going on with our cases. How Doug handled my accident case made me feel very comfortable, and he always made sure to get back to me, even if it was on his own time. There was one point where we thought we would have to go to court, and Doug sat down with me and explained step-by-step what would happen. We really appreciated it and we would definitely recommend Doug.

– Amanda

Compassionate and Dedicated Lawyer: I had a very sensitive and challenging case that Ben assisted me through. It was a very time-consuming and emotional manner but he remained right by my side. He continually kept me informed of anything that was occurring. He reached out to me several times during the process just to see if I was doing well and if I had any questions. He is a reliable, trustworthy and dedicated lawyer. He fought the best he could for me and we ended up with a settlement. Although it was not what we hoped for, I still feel that he did all that he could. I would and have recommended Ben to family and friends.

– Candace

The attorneys were completely honest and didn’t exaggerate about the outcome. They cared about me and made sure I didn’t have to worry about the accident. I was able to concentrate on getting better.

– Beverly

They just have respect for your intelligence by not talking down to you or holding anything back. They have enough respect for you to let you know the ups and downs. They’re the most solid people I’ve probably ever met.

– Robert

As a single mom with two kids, I didn’t know what to do. The attorneys were comforting and professional and I am glad they were able to help us in our time of need.

– Herlinda

I worked with Jacob Reis about a month ago on a motorcycle accident case. Jacob and his paralegal Kelly did a fabulous job with my case. They always answered my questions right away. We were able to settle the case out of court. Jacob is a true asset to the firm, and I have and would continue to recommend Jacob. He is an excellent attorney.

– Kevin

My husband was in an industrial explosion, resulting in burns that covered 70% of his body. A family member contacted the Habush Law firm, as I was a bit overwhelmed. Tim Trecek understood that I wanted to spend my time and energy concentrating on my husband’s condition, so he actually came to the hospital to meet my needs. He was sincere but very professional. He made me feel that I was in very capable hands, which I greatly appreciated. Throughout the suit there were times I was too busy to drop off paperwork, etc. Tim had office staff come to my home to accommodate my needs. My family and I are pleased with the results and the way we were treated through the process. I would utilize Timothy Trecek again in a heartbeat.

– Rebecca

My family and I were very impressed with Tim Trecek’s service. He was very committed to my case and always put forth a positive, professional attitude. He was always prepared and could answer any question without hesitation; he was extremely confident and that put our minds at ease during this difficult time. He knew my case inside and out and it was obvious that he worked diligently to get all the facts out in the trial. Assisted by an excellent paralegal during the trial, they retrieved information quickly and never once stumbled. We were especially impressed with the power of his presentation and delivery of his questions to witnesses and also his respect for the judge and jury and our family. I would not hesitate to recommend Tim to anyone, especially if their case is as difficult as mine was with extremely technical details and mechanical references.

– Darcy

I would recommend Tim Trecek, too anyone who asks for an attorney, he is very understanding. He made sure all areas were covered and kept us informed on the progress of my brother’s case. Very polite and professional.

Thank-You Tim for all tour help!

-Russell W.

Tim Trecek did an excellent job winning a nearly impossible case. Many people thought that I didn’t have a case, but Tim got me a very nice settlement in mediation. He did his research and was smart enough to think of angles that others had missed.

– S.C.

Mr. Fehring was extremely professional during the process and kept me well informed the entire time. His experience made me feel very comfortable and it is clear Mr. Fehring is an exceptional attorney.

– Anonymous

I would highly recommend Jason Knutson for a personal injury attorney. Jason is intelligent, organized, trustworthy and compassionate. He believes in what he does and it shows.

He worked diligently for over 4 years on our son’s case. He kept us informed and gave us good advice throughout the case, but never pressured us. He always allowed us to make the final decision.

During our trial, I was impressed with how Jason handled himself in court. He was very professional and “quick witted” under some pretty stressful situations. He believed in us and fought diligently for our family, especially my son. We were very pleased with the final results.

Jason will always have a very special spot with our family. I finally have peace again knowing that justice has been served and that my son is fine now. If a personal injury attorney is needed, I can’t think of anyone else I would want defending me or my family.

– Kim

I worked with Eric more than three years ago, but he was a very good attorney. He kept me informed and was very responsive. Eric always answered all of my questions as they came up throughout my entire case. I would recommend Eric to anyone who is in need of a personal injury lawyer.

– Jean

I had been trying to work with the insurance company on my own for a while before I sought representation. To say the least I was frazzled, frustrated and tired of their insulting attempts to settle.

When Jason took on my case, his knowledge and caring demeanor put me at ease. When he sensed my frustration he would take the time to explain the situation and my options, all while making me laugh. He made sure that I understood all final decisions were mine; he was just there to help guide me in the right direction. When I was feeling like there wasn’t anyone else that would help me, having a lawyer who truly cared about what was best for me and my case made all the difference in the world.

Jason got my case settled out of court for almost ten times what the insurance company had originally offered me! I can’t thank him enough, he wasn’t just my lawyer he was my legal superhero!

– Rachel