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Every year there are thousands of construction accidents causing serious injury and death. Legally, construction companies are required to provide safety programs and formally inspect work sites with a safety engineer.  Unfortunately, accidents still occur. The site owners, architects, insurance companies and equipment manufactures may be held responsible for inadequate safety provisions when a construction site accident occurs. The general contractor and all subcontractors are also required to provide a reasonably safe site, warn of hazards, hire careful employees, coordinate job safety and supervise safety compliance. Despite these precautions, construction sites are dangerous and accidents happen far too often.


Often injuries suffered on a construction site result in Workers Compensation benefits and a claim against a party which is not the injured worker’s employer.  The benefits are very different from the two types of claims. We encourage anyone injured on the job site to contact us for an evaluation of whether the injured person is entitled to benefits beyond Workers Compensation.


Construction sites are some of the most dangerous workplaces in the country, and the relatively high rate of accidents are caused by the wide range of hazards. Negligence can lead to serious injuries.  Common causes of construction accidents include:

  • Negligence by Other Workers: One of the most common causes of job site injuries is carelessness by other workers.  If the careless or negligent worker is not a co-employee, the injured worker may have a claim for damages beyond Workers Compensation.  We encourage anyone in this unfortunate situation to contact us for a free evaluation.
  • Crane Collapses: When a crane collapses on a job site, it can harm the operator and workers beneath the crane.  Sadly, the repercussions are often extensive and severe. Victims often have to deal with broken bones, brain injuries, spinal cord damage, partial or complete paralysis, even death.
  • Scaffolding Collapse: When scaffolding collapses, workers on and below may suffer serious injuries.   Common injuries include broken bones, internal organ damage, lacerations and puncture wounds, among others.
  • Slip and Fall Accidents: Although slip and fall accidents can happen anywhere, people are especially prone to them in and around construction sites. Although construction workers and companies can help ensure dangerous slip and fall accidents do not impact individuals, the proper precautions are not always taken.   Accidents may occur due to: failure to pick up debris or waste, roadway/walkway obstructions, wet or slippery surfaces, open manholes, or poorly constructed stairs, walkways, and barriers.
  • Machinery Malfunction: Construction sites are full of machinery and tools. When properly maintained and operated,  machinery should pose no danger to construction workers or passersby. However, when the machinery malfunctions, innocent people can be seriously injured. The parties responsible for maintenance and use can often be held liable when a machine malfunctions or is improperly used.
  • Vehicle Collisions:  Vehicle collisions often occur on construction sites.  Unsafe operation of forklifts and other equipment, poorly designed traffic flow, manholes, roadway construction, distracted driving and employee negligence are some of the most common cause of vehicle collisions at construction sites. Like other construction site injuries, victims can suffer life threatening injuries from vehicle collisions.


If you’re involved in a construction site accident, there are a few things you must do immediately to protect yourself.

Step 1: Seek medical attention right away. A doctor should immediately evaluate your condition following an accident. It is important to have proper medical documentation for your injury.  Although some injuries may not seem serious at first, they may worsen over time.

Step 2: Report the accident. If you are a construction employee, notify your immediate supervisor of the accident and file an official report as soon as possible.  Do not trust your supervisor to file the report for you, even if they offer. You need to ensure the paperwork is submitted officially, to the proper authorities, to ensure it is recorded and noted.

Step 3: Take photos.  If possible, get photos of the scene.

Step 4: Write down an account of what happened. Because details can become hazy over time, write down an accurate account of how the accident occurred, the conditions at the time, the safety gear you were wearing, and any other details that may be necessary to recount in the future.

Step 5: Contact your local Habush office.  Construction accidents leave victims with many questions. Who is responsible for my injury? Who will cover my medical bills? Will I lose my job for taking time off work?  We will answer your questions in a free consultation, and charge no fees unless we recover from the responsible party.


Habush Habush & Rottier S.C is a law firm with a team of construction accident attorneys with offices throughout Wisconsin who have been fighting successfully for the rights of those who injured on construction job sites for many years. Regardless of how you or someone you love was injured, contact Habush Habush & Rottier S.C. ® today by calling 800-2-HABUSH (800-242-2874) to find out how we can help you.


If you are injured on the job, you will likely be entitled to Worker Compensation benefits. Depending on the circumstances of the case, a third party may be also held liable for your injuries. Call us for a free consultation, so we can help you determine all the benefits you are entitled to .

If a worker is hurt on a job site due to the negligent actions of someone who is not a co-employee, the worker may be able to take legal action against the party responsible for their injuries. Contractors, specifically, have a duty to ensure that the property is safe for workers to perform their duties. Contractors typically are required to:

  1. Properly warn workers of potential hazards on the site
  2. Contract with workers who will follow proper safety protocols
  3. Ensure that all safety procedures are followed at all times
  4. Coordinate the project with safety in mind for all workers on site

If a contractor fails to follow the steps listed above, they may be held liable for injuries to workers if an accident occurs.

An accident at a construction site can leave both passing pedestrians and construction workers with serious injuries. Depending on the specific details of the accident, a number of different parties could be held responsible for resulting injuries, including construction site managers / employers, product manufacturers, and third-party workers. We can help identify the responsible parties.

An accident at a construction site can leave someone with severe injuries that may require immediate medical treatment. This can leave a person trying to recover with substantial medical bills that quickly build up. With time being a major issue financially, a person who has been injured should consider filing for compensation as soon as possible. While a person has time to consider their full range of legal options, they also need to file a claim within 3 years in most cases if they want to pursue a claim within Wisconsin’s statute of limitations.