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There are a variety of ways to be injured in and by a golf cart, and operational error adds another dimension to the potential injuries.

Golf carts are at risk of tipping over because of the uneven weight distribution and sharp turning ability. It is important to be aware of this because it should change how you operate a golf cart. Understanding the reality that golf carts can easily roll over should lead to a driver going more slowly around curves and not turning as quickly.

There are no seat belts on the vast majority of golf carts, which means that roll overs could be disastrous. Also, any accident or collision will be magnified by the fact that the people are not restrained and held steady by seat belts. This is another reality that must change how a driver operates the vehicle, prompting more caution and attention.

There are numerous warning signs posted on golf carts highlighting the dangers associated with the use of the vehicle. Many people ignore these warnings, however, and operate these vehicles recklessly, as they think that the low speeds at which the carts travel means that there are no potential accidents. This is not the case.