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Class action lawsuits can benefit a large group of people who have the same injuries or harm from a product, service, or action. Individuals can join together as one large group to file a lawsuit against a single defendant or even multiple defendants. The lawsuit is tried in a single court on behalf of the whole group. Three examples of such lawsuits include wage & overtime claims, consumer claims, and product injuries.

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Most Common Class Action Lawsuits

1. Wage & Overtime Claims:

If an employer attempts to break the law or circumvent regulations to cut costs, employees often suffer the most. In many instances, employers misclassify employees as exempt from overtime or violate lunch break or minimum wage regulations. Employees who have been impacted by these types of practices may be eligible to file an individual or class action lawsuit for lost wages, overtime, and penalty damages.

2. Consumer Class Action Claims:

Consumers often suffer when corporations break their promises or engage in fraudulent practices such that a product or service does not perform as advertised. For example, banks may overcharge customers for late fees, or debt collectors may harass or intimidate debtors. In these instances, an individual or class action lawsuit can help victims receive the compensation they deserve.

3. Product Injuries:

Dangerous or defective products cause thousands of injuries annually. Some of the most common injuries are caused by products we use daily such as:

  • Pharmaceutical and medical products
  • Childcare products
  • Construction Equipment
  • Defective hip implants
  • Farm machinery
  • Household products

In many cases, the responsibility for a product defect that causes injury lies with the sellers, manufacturers, or distributors of the product. If a product has caused you injury, you might qualify for compensation to pay for your medical expenses, lost income, and the pain and distress you’ve experienced.

If any of these situations sound familiar or you have been in a situation that may warrant a class action lawsuit, contacting a lawyer is in your best interest. An attorney can help you gain a deeper understanding of your rights.

Attorney Breanne L. Snapp

Breanne L. Snapp is a shareholder at the firm’s Madison office where her primary practice includes class action and personal injury work. Breanne is currently representing a group of residents in Juneau and Wood Counties who allege their groundwater has been contaminated by a large Concentrated Animal Feed Operation (CAFO). She previously helped obtain a successful settlement for 241 families in the Town of Jackson, Wisconsin who were impacted by groundwater contamination as a result of a gasoline pipeline rupture. Breanne received her J.D., cum laude, Order of the Coif, from the University of Wisconsin Law School, where she also earned a certificate in Consumer Health Advocacy. Breanne received a B.S. in Biochemistry and Psychology from the University of Wisconsin – Madison.  In her free time, Breanne enjoys live music, yoga, and spending time with friends and family. She lives in Madison with her husband, daughter, and their cat.

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