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Over the years, amusement park and water park designs have improved to include better safety measures. What was once a highly dangerous fairground ride is now safer, statistically speaking, than playing golf. For that same reason, however, any death or serious injury involving a roller coaster should be viewed with suspicion.

Nothing that moves at the speed of a roller coaster is completely safe, but modern designs have reduced the forces that riders’ bodies experience to safe levels. In addition, cars are less likely than ever to get out of control. If an injury results despite these safety measures, it might be the result of improper or irresponsible ride operation or maintenance.

Failure to maintain a roller coaster can lead to its parts weakening and potentially breaking, resulting in tragedy. In addition, if a ride operator does not take the right steps to ensure riders’ safety, serious injuries can result. Not properly securing a roller coaster’s safety harnesses can result in them coming undone during the ride.

Theme parks and other operators of amusement park rides should be held to very high standards of accountability with their rides. They have a duty to maintain their rides to ensure that their customers are not put at unnecessary risk. If you or someone you love have been seriously injured by a roller coaster, its owner might be liable for your suffering.