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Stadium dangers

Every year, many Americans are injured because a negligent property or event manager failed to properly run a stadium. These fans or audience members are pushed into dangerous situations that can often be avoided if the proper precautions were taken.

Types of Stadium Injuries

A stadium visitor may not realize the full level of danger they are facing at any given time. Many stadiums around the country were built several decades ago. In some cases, these older buildings may have slipped past safety codes without notice. However, an accident can be prevented if the building’s managers respond to safety concerns and fix potential hazards.

In addition to safety code violations, the following dangerous situations can arise at a stadium:

  • Lack of railing
  • Lack of safety planning
  • Lack of fire-fighting devices
  • Slippery surfaces
  • Lack of protection from flying objects coming from the field
  • Food poisoning

Overcrowding is another serious issue for any stadium event. These events are occasionally oversold by an event manager. As a result, crowds may gather together in such great numbers that any major crowd movement can become dangerous and may even lead to trampling injuries.

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