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As a car owner, it is your responsibility to check your tires for any signs of damage. However, you cannot predict when an internal defect will affect the safety of your tires. Sadly, tire defects can result in dangerous problems like blowouts, which can lead to devastating crashes.

Causes of Tire Blowouts

While flat tires generally involve the gradual loss of air pressure from your tire, blowouts result from a rapid loss of pressure from the inside of the tire. Generally, they are caused by the loss of tread from the tire. This separation of tread from the rest of the tire can be a result of tire defects such as:

  • Contaminated adhesive
  • Design flaws with the layering of belt and tread
  • Improper adhesive application
  • Oxidation of metal components

Consequences of Tire Blowouts

Having your tire blowout can be a scary situation to be in because you never know what the outcome can be. A few of them are:

  • Loss of control of the vehicle
  • Rollover
  • Secondary accidents
  • Personal injury

How do Blowouts Cause Rollovers?

Blowouts often occur during the stress of high-speed travel. As the tread unravels from the tire, especially from a back tire, it causes the loss of control. If the metal rim is exposed, it can bite into the pavement, effectively stopping the car. However, the momentum of the vehicle can send it rolling over, resulting in potentially fatal injuries.

Consider Legal Action

Depending on the case and situation, there are some reasons why you should consider legal action if your vehicle’s tire blowout.

  • Product Liability: A tire blowout can happen due to a manufacturing defect or a possible design flaw. A product liability claim against the tire manufacturer or distributor
  • Negligence Claims: The blowout can be caused by a negligent party such as a repair shop.

If you aren’t sure if you have a case regarding your tire blowout, please get in contact with one of our attorneys here at Habush Habush & Rottier. Our attorneys provide fee case evaluations.