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Tips for avoiding deer collisions


Every year, numerous people are hurt or killed when they are involved in accidents involving animals. Here are some tips to help you avoid a deer collision.

Do Not Swerve To Avoid Deer:

If you don’t quite manage to swerve and you happen to clip the animal with part of the car, the chances of rolling are greater. Also, the car should be balanced when braking.

Be Aware of Deer Habitats and High-Risk Areas:

Deer are usually active during dawn and dusk. Their peak season for deer collisions is in the early summer and late fall months. Make sure that you are careful around these times.

Pay Attention to Deer Crossing Signs:

Deer crossing signs are placed in areas where there are high areas of deer. When you see these signs, please reduce your speed and be extra vigilant when you see these signs.

Use High Beams When Possible:

When you are driving in areas with low traffic or minimal oncoming vehicles, turn on your high beams to enhance your visibility. These will help you spot a deer near or on the road earlier.

Stay Alert and Scan The Surroundings:

Be vigilant and constantly scan the road while you are driving. Look for any movement in the greenery or even shining eyes reflecting off of your headlights.

Slow Down In Deer Areas:

To keep you and your family safe around high deer activity areas, please slow down your speed. Slowing down gives you more time to react if a deer suddenly appears on the road.