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Causes Of Hunting Accidents

Hunters rely on many specialized items. Sometimes these products are defective. Hunters as well as people nearby could suffer the consequences of a poorly manufactured hunting product. Some common causes of such accidents include:

  • Defective tree stands
  • Defective blinds
  • Rifle misfires
  • Ammunition malfunctions

Laws in Wisconsin

Chapter 29 of the Wisconsin Statutes regulates hunting accidents, and it establishes guidelines for safe practices while also imposing penalties for violating them. Here are some important points to remember:

  • Wisconsin’s laws regarding hunting accidents prioritize the safety of both hunters and non-hunters. If a person injures or kills someone while hunting, they must immediately provide their name and address, assist the injured person, seek medical help, and report the injury or death to local authorities.  
  • Additionally, anyone involved in a hunting accident must report it to the local authorities within 10 days, unless physically unable to do so. 
  • Hunters must be at least 12 years old to hunt with a firearm, bow and arrow, or crossbow. Before obtaining a hunting license, all hunters are required to complete a hunter education course to ensure they understand proper hunting practices. 
  • It’s illegal to shoot a firearm from a vehicle while on a highway or in a public parking lot. The law requires hunters to wear clothing that is at least 50% visible in colors such as hunter orange, blaze orange, fluorescent orange, flame orange, or bright pink during deer hunting season.
  • Penalties for hunting accidents can be severe and include fines, license revocation, and even imprisonment. In Wisconsin, the law considers endangering the safety of others with a dangerous weapon as a Class A misdemeanor.

How Can Habush Help?

An accident on a hunting trip can leave you or others injured, miles from assistance. If your accident was the result of a defective product, the manufacturers of such goods are often liable for the injuries their products cause. However, if you were hurt by an errant hunter, they may be held responsible for your suffering. Either way, attorneys at Habush Habush & Rottier can help you with your hunting injury case. Contact us today for a free and confidential discussion with one of our experienced attorneys.